September 16, 2021

10 thoughts on “Pan Africanism, Repatriation And How Running Back To Africa Would Hurt ADOS (Part 2.)

  1. Pharoah going in.. Those people making criticisms are just frustrated because they sleeping with both their hands under the cover, pleasing they damn self.😂

  2. One time during the winter, out of nowhere, a stray cat ran in my house when I was opening the door to come inside. Scared me to "death". I threw a blanket over it, gathered it up and threw it out the door. Single women have it hard. I know your family member appreciated your help.

  3. Pharoah dropping that fire on the truth about Ghana. Theres alot of Bum ass HOTEPS all over that place. Tribalism is a reality there too. I was told on the plane by an Ashanti, not to go to Bukom (Ga Tribe area) because they were dirty and dangerous. The Ga's kept it 100 with me the most btw. They were the only people that didn't try and hit me up for money. On another note, I had diarrhea for the first 8 days. At one point someone thought I was Nigerian and started talking some bullshit until he heard my accent. Shit crazy out there.

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