September 20, 2021

29 thoughts on “Part 1 – MOVING to CANADA from South Africa| Canada immigration

  1. Hi Busi, can you please help me here, I have a job offer in Canada, it's just strange how everything is unfolding. My potential employer is saying they will submit my details for visa application, is this even possible?

  2. She didn't mention the horrible weather, the racism, the political correctness of the culture, the waiting list for health care services such as ops, the expensive lifestyle (mortgage, lights) , the reduction in support by government for Christians.. The drug problems in communities. It's not perfect at all.

  3. Busi, excellent video. Thank you. What a contrast between a first world country and S.A. Your video should be sent to C. Ramaphosa. This is how S.A. should function!!!

  4. HI BUSI, this is awesome. FOR my first time in 10 years living in SA, i can here a South African talking good about another country like you are doing.
    Any way, can you let me known how long it take you going through the all process before you leave SA?
    AND also the easy way for a non SA citizen as i am.
    I would like to move to Canada with my family before december. can you please direct me .

  5. This is beautiful, imagine of our black brothers and sisters from the continent could be this open in encouraging other blacks to move here, they would have been ridiculed so much. I love that you are there and no one seems to care whether you are inviting people to comeive over there or not πŸ€”πŸ˜Š

  6. Hi Busi.. I’m so excited to have gotten ahold of your Vlog. I’ve been praying about immigrating to Canada and feel now I should embark on it. Your vids are so enlightening to me

  7. I've been watching your videos for quite some time and I am really enjoying then❀ May I ask how much did it cost you and your family to move to Canada? (In Rands)

  8. Thank you for the information Busi. Do you pay for water and electricity? Is there an option for prepaid for those services? I have so many questions, my head is spinning. Your videos are very helpful, ehlisa i enxiety.

  9. @busi As a Canadian your comments gave me a lot of perspective about how privileged we are to live here. It's amazing to live in a place that people from all over the world want to come to. We're glad to have you, and thanks for the video!

  10. Sawubona Busi, in one of your videos I'd like you to cover the admin surrounding your assets, at what stage of the application process you can start selling your house, car, furniture etc. Ndiyabonga.

  11. Canada is a developed country and South Africa developing country this country went through alot it will take a bit of time before we rich that level i can say alot about this but for now i will leave there.

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