September 28, 2023
Part 1 Of Our Repatriation Journey From America To Africa #exodus

In this video we bring you guys along for the beginning ofour journey. Enjoy! Current subscribers, thank you for …


39 thoughts on “Part 1 Of Our Repatriation Journey From America To Africa #exodus

  1. im excited for you . Keep an open mind …learn before you teach…release all expectations…never pay the first price quoted to you…. and keep a good handle on your budget…and you will do well. Rwanda is beautiful…and get out of Kigali any chance you get. Rwand is breathtaking.

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  3. we have got no choice inna babylon America then to return in our origina home is home no matter what Africa is for me and you and there is no place like home it is better to suffer in our homeland then to suffer inna babylon,the system is not for black people in America,we must step out of babylon one by one and get back in our motherland welcome back home brother and sister after long years inna babylon,Africa for Africans home and abroad

  4. This is my first time watching your video and I must say am proud of your decision of moving to the Motherland! We've all got only one life to lead so you better take bold decisions to live where you can have the confidence to be free, safe and make whatever dream you have come true 👍 ✨

  5. Howdy!

    I just seen your video on Yakoba. You all are such a beautiful family!💙 my family and I have done tons of research on Rwanda… based on research it was our understanding that you must have a half million in order to relocate there? Also… there was a specific income requirement to stay in the country and the rentals are on average $800 USD… can you please shed some light on this since you all successfully there?

  6. After seeing this video all I can think of is Amerikkka has lied to us!!! This makes me feel very angry. My husband and children want to relocate to Dar Es Salaam by 2022 or earlier. We need a contact person to help consult with. Not sure how to go about getting info. Please advise.

  7. This is a moment I have prayed to see. Our people making the journey home. You are the pioneers of all time. You so much remind me of my youngest son and I hope that all my children make the journey such as you and your wife. Thank you for being an inspiration to us all. God bless.

  8. This is very inspiring. I just started watching you guys today. This is the 2nd video after your house tour showed up on my feed. I have soooo many questions! When/why did you decide to move? Have you visited the continent before? Thanks

  9. I'm Asian but I grew up in Kenya. I recently moved to the US after visiting it only for summers. I don't regret it but I miss Kenya and Asia. I am so happy and excited for you. I feel like the only place I feel like I belong in the US is socal, esp in irvine – not of asians there, I don't feel like I stick out or people look at me like I'm 2nd class american cause I'm not white.

  10. Hi, I have been watching Pastor Stephen Darby and I saw you both on his video while he was preaching in 2 separate videos. I am shocked as I just came across the video that you were in for Go Black 2 Africa. Strange. I say this because my husband and I are praying about moving to Africa next year. We are praying for direction on which country. It was a Blessing to see you both on Black 2 Africa and Pastor Stephen Darby in the same week on YouTube. Talk about a devine encounter. It would be nice to stay in touch and get some feedback from you as my husband and I are praying for direction on which country. Thanks 🌴🏞🛩

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