September 18, 2023
Part 2: Private Security Firm TigerSwan Targets Pipeline Protesters in COINTELPRO-Like Operation

25 thoughts on “Part 2: Private Security Firm TigerSwan Targets Pipeline Protesters in COINTELPRO-Like Operation

  1. this country has been a facist,communist corporation since 1887 when the zionist-jews[rothschild] were allowed to buy the u.s./research,revolt.stop buying the lies they're selling

  2. I am tired of taking from the ones I love I am sick from making my own self the one who needs I'm sad and feel nothing can help my urge is to reach to family but as a man I'm tired of all the above if your reading this I call to you and say whatever you do its not worth it unless you build from Love!
    Emerson- Fire, plant and mineral say, "Not in us" ; and haughtily return us stare for stare for we invade them impiously for gain; we devestate them religiously, and coldly ask their pottage, not their love. -Blight

  3. Sometimes there is just no words for the wrongs going on within our country and that are within BOTH parties! If you think these tactics are ok, or breaking treaties are ok, or they were justified in brutalizing the peaceful Natives, just don't tell me you are a Christian because I flat out would not believe you! And think you will have a huge awakening on Judgement Day!

  4. I understand but you are late! 800 cases? The military has a budget of 800 billions it is too late now, you should have thought about that before we decided to dominate the world by force… "Chickens are coming home to roost" as one stand up said on the military subject

  5. it was a video game called rainbow 6 or previously navy seals games that when you entered a destination , you coyld give the command to your company to "clear the room". and that was that. they killed everything in sight. ….but that was a game.
    so there is no illusion

  6. call it for what it is.big money has big security and have no problem putting you down for it. the American Demonocracy is a double edge sword that lets these militias groups thrive. the private industrial complex has grown more than 3x its size in past two decades. remember here in the u.s.a. "we asked for it"! did you forget that as well? there are more of these groups out there sucking down the money for so-called "securities" and have no issue with putting your ass in a bag. privately paid thugs-for-hire and some tax dollar paid as well. all-in-all, you may rethink the security of this country for money has no conscience and it will fail from it! 9/11 with all security in place "FAILED"!!! ask this " HOW MUCH IS YOUR LIFE WORTH?" as for these for-profit outfits, very little! "the human cost of ignorance is a high price paid in full by the blood shed on the land" ~t.bone

  7. for a simple way to put it: these organizations play in the "gray areas" for profit and are "untouchable and unstoppable" our government here in the United States know this and supports them! yes, we are a version of a terrorist to countries that did not need an intervention from us. another orchestrated lie you believed in!

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