June 9, 2023
Patrick Mahomes on Black Lives Matter, lessons he's learned, & where to go from here | QB7 | FOX NFL

35 thoughts on “Patrick Mahomes on Black Lives Matter, lessons he's learned, & where to go from here | QB7 | FOX NFL

  1. If you have an issue with these kinda movements then you are the problem not everybody else …. how is equality and justice an issue for you … also you are truly a fool if you think the world & this country specifically has actually held up the standards of true equality & justice for everybody.

  2. The only justice that black people are seeking today is compensatory justice. As such, if there is no serious campaign for reparations exclusively for black American people, then there is no real movement to create any change in the social, political and economic order of this country.

  3. I doubt that Mahomes will see this but if does. I just to give him the biggest 🖕🖕🖕Hopefully some day he will realize this Organization that HATES the man in the home
    (role models) get a reality check?
    When will this dude get smacked with truth?

  4. Bankrupt the NFl and bring them to their knees! It can be done with just 10-15% of boycotting. The NFL was like an addiction for many and that chain has been snapped. The revenue loss will be huge. If these clowns get out there in the NFL like they did Thursday night between KC and New Orleans and locked arms and knelt during the national anthem the people in the stand that were allowed in booed in KC.

    Now they players and many on certain teams want the Black National Anthem played right after the Star Spangled Banner….the NFL and Goddell has to kiss up and hope people will accept it as if they do not hen the players will not play opting out allegedly due to Covid and that would be a disaster.

    It will become the players against the people of the US spending money on tickets and merchandise and they will lose that one. The people have the money not the NFL and money is power.

    The NFL is a 501C Corporation meaning they pay NO income taxes. Congress gave them that!!!!

  5. Institutional racism barely exists these days. Blacks aren't being targeted by police and nothing is stopping them from succeeding in life. Success will finally come when they stop with this victim mentality and realise that maybe they're the reasons their own community is failing.

  6. As a Black man, Patrick Mahomes stating, he's never experienced racism or prejudice because he grew up in a small Texas town and everybody knew him. I said to myself, what planet does he live on because he's light skin with curly hair, he feels he's exempted from racism like the rest of us Black men. Many in White America will still see him like the rest of us brown and dark skin Blacks. 😡

  7. I wonder if Patrick Mahomes and his White wife have been paying close attention to the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle allegations regarding racism within the Royal family and the United Kingdom. As a Black man, I cannot understand Patrick stated, he's never experienced racism. His being mixed race doesn't protect him from racism and prejudice in society.

  8. This is such a late comment from me. He’s skirting the issue of the terrorist group BLM. Millions of damage done across this nation. Black owned businesses destroyed, people murdered and even children murdered. Celebrities have a lot of power and people listen to them. Not one word from him about the truth of any of this hellishness. Not a fan of this guy.

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