June 5, 2023
Patrisse Cullors on Why She Left The Black Lives Matter Movement! | Hollywood Unlocked

Jason Lee sits down with the founder of the Black Lives Matter movement, Patrisse Cullor who talks about her reasoning for taking step back from the organization.


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21 thoughts on “Patrisse Cullors on Why She Left The Black Lives Matter Movement! | Hollywood Unlocked

  1. pull out the most you can and leave…. i feel sorry for all the families and victims from who she profited with her "nonprofit" organisation, Black Lies Matter……. this will always stay in the BLM records

  2. Deep Shame Profiting off dead black people and their families…Scam Artist Patrice Cullors just keeps on scamming ,, 90 MILLION 💵 DOLLAR 💰 SCAM And Patrice keeps doubling and tripling down.

  3. A real reporter/ interviewer would do their homework. Why didn't you ask Patrisse about her Marxism and Propaganda training? Her original video is awful. She's a fake.

  4. I've NEVER been one to hop on trends or the hype of the moment.
    From the time BLM started, I always said I agreed with the statement.
    When it came to buying their merch, marching, etc……could miss me with that.

    Now look, everybody's awaken.
    I was already WOKE!

    JESUS is the ONLY one that can and always will protect us.

  5. The biggest scandal being Cullors using the funds collected for Black victims of police violence and using it to pay for her girlfriend’s gender-transition procedures and giving the rest of the money to Trans organizations.

  6. I love when these activists try to couch their piggishness and greed in gaslighting phraseology to convince the peasants that a mansion equates to = a simple place to live. It’s manipulation of the highest order. But it’s fine because she wears the “costume” of an activist—she raises a fist for the cameras, screams loudly into a megaphone, and has her books greenlit by publishers ($$$) who know it will sell to impressionable virtue signaling kooks

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