June 8, 2023
Peaceful Black Lives Matter Protests Held Around The World I The Daily Show With Trevor Noah

37 thoughts on “Peaceful Black Lives Matter Protests Held Around The World I The Daily Show With Trevor Noah

  1. Its funny their are wars going on and people are more worried about this when the police have gone to jail now and thier is a start of a reform. Why cant people take the streets like this when all those countries that are in war and the woman and children are dying.

  2. Black Lives Matter? Really? Black Christians are being killed in Burkina Faso by "blacks" (and dare I say, is'lamic extremists) and how many protested worldwide? NONE! David Dorn a 77 year old BLACK man was killed by so-called protestors. How many protested his death?? NONE! Blacks were sold as slaves in Libya and how many protested? NONE! Clearly some blacks matter more than others and NOT all black lives Matter. Black lives matter only when it fits some political or racial narrative.

  3. Sorry Hey everybody. Trevor your hair is ready for braiding 😂❤️. Trevor, I’m pumped, you’re pumped and everyone who has a heart is pumped. Well, almost everyone. Conversations are happening, policies changes are happening. Racism is alive and needs to die like the brave innocent travellers across the Atlantic several centuries ago. They should be honoured and the statues of the slave traders and slave owners removed. Viva Africa ✊🏾

  4. Don’t wanna be too pedantic here…

    But maybe black lives matter should change to “minority lives matter.” Cos minority groups also face discrimination and abuse, though in different ways to black people of course

  5. Its makes me cry to see the Unity of all Colours together for our forever problem of White Superiority and their Plans to keep people of colour down. What and Why are they so afraid of?

  6. There have been protests all over England. Evening the small town where I live where the majority of people are white. Being mixed race it's sad finding out how even some family members really feel, but it has been illuminating and we will continue to fight the good fight!

  7. BS – not peaceful at all in London, destroying historical monuments, hurling objects at police, fighting with police etc. Expected more from Trevor than just bias narrative

  8. I live in the UK and George Floyd's murder has severely affected a lot of us here. I questioned what was it about his death that triggered so much anger, upset, outrage, hurt in so many of us not just in America as racist police brutality and killings has been going on for so long…I feel like it was how casual and easy it was for Chauvin to take George's life whilst looking in the camera as the other police officers stood around threatening the witnesses with mace if they intervened, the chilling contrast of police are there to protect and save lives when there they took a life, for no reason, just because they could and didnt value his life, it just was awful to see.

  9. with no festivals and protests instead,
    maybe we should talk about peace, feel free to check new song "Summer Hummer , We Are The Peace"

  10. Oxymoronic hypocrisy being politically manpulated to facilitate a minority views egotism.
    For if truth and love was the guiding force you would be recognising yellow live matter:
    Hong Kong is being murdered by the force of totalitarian and you did nothing but support your own racial culture.

  11. Didn't noah do a anti covid protesters video. Calling them idiots. Has covid gone away. Are these protesters immune. The double standard are hilarious. The program is even called the daily social distancing show. I will bet the same people critical of the anti covid video will not say the same thing here. Why not? Personally I believe that all protests should go ahead. But this is massive double standard

  12. You got to love this guy; he comes from a foreign country and makes millions in the USA. He then claims the country is systematically racist! 🤣

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