September 16, 2023
Perps fake shop 📷🏃#cointelpro #surveil #harassment #cia #fbi #gangstalking #informant

One too many of these occurrences have taken place where I enter this specific grocery store & these individuals are coerced & compensated to participate in tactics to surveil me.

The use psychological tactics to compromise your reality & mental wellness by repeatedly appearing in every aisle …crowding your space ..coming in close proximity of you even being as petty to buy what you buy & keep a dossier .

Its vital to document your experience always as one is gaslighted when presenting this in a dialogue .


6 thoughts on “Perps fake shop 📷🏃#cointelpro #surveil #harassment #cia #fbi #gangstalking #informant

  1. Bro you ever decoded the hand signals? This shit is becoming outrageous it's really a glitch in the system. Someone said today I messed the program up. I really had a program I think I was supposed to be Dead or locked up.

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