September 16, 2023

New magazine regrets to announce the passing of its former editor, (1935-2023). Our thoughts are with his family. Our founder, Afif Ben Yedder, and former journalist Ben Asante share fond memories of ’s time at the magazine and commemorate some of his many achievements.  
Chronicler extraordinary
Peter was a living legend in pan- journalism. We were quite fortunate to have him as Editor of New magazine in the early days of the magazine circa 1978. His writing was universally admired.
Peter was part of a wonderfully talented, highly ambitious, very knowledgeable team totally committed to the concept of pan-Africanism and telling it like it was. The team included the likes of the late Raph Uwechue who was to go on to found the African Research Foundation, which published a series of seminal books under the Know banner and the world-class African Journal and other titles.
Another member of the team…

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