September 22, 2023
Piers and Imarn Get Into HEATED Debate Over Racism Claims in Tyre Nichols Case

Piers Morgan Uncensored is joined by Black Lives Matter activist Imarn Ayton and rapper and podcaster Zuby to discuss the police brutality in America and whether the death of Tyre Nichols was down to internalised racism within the police force.

Piers questions Imarn on how five black police officers beating a black man could possibly be racist. She explains the theory that internal prejudice stems from institutionalised racism and that she therefore believes the police force in America as a whole is racist. Piers however thinks brutal tragedies such as this are down to workforce standards being lowered due to understaffed forces, which leads to the wrong people being hired for the job.

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42 thoughts on “Piers and Imarn Get Into HEATED Debate Over Racism Claims in Tyre Nichols Case

  1. Pierce is an idiot… let’s see how many of these women on that police force wear their natural hair or wear their hair like white women !

  2. The woman’s so right and the men are so delusional ! That so called black man has a white wife whispering racist nothings into his ear while he sleeps !

    Such a coCoon

  3. Speaking as a black man, this is so embarrassing. This woman is so smug and not willing to converse in good faith. just over talk and react with emotional responses. Not about race! It's about good vs evil and that's what you saw in this case as well as the George Floyd case.

  4. Zubi was 100 per cent correct.. the female in the studio was unlearned ignorant and basically racist… how can you say it was'institutanal white supremacy is insulting and inflammatory…5 black policemen kill a black man and it's somehow a white guided issue? Come on….

  5. It's a fact that alot of black people steal, we know that and there are statistics of it.
    It doesn't make any sense that when a white person steals something that this is the fault of black people.
    It's an individual thing and the internal racism this woman is talking about shouldn't even be considered an option in this case.
    These were 5 people who happen to be black killing another black man.
    Imagine white people saying that the white cop who killed george floyd did it because he was influenced by black cops, you would have millions of black people in the streets protesting and this woman can just say this without consequences. White privilege right there…

  6. I Think She Right. Black People Can be Racist Against Their Own. Where Do You People Think We Got Racism From. WHITE SUPREMACY. FOR EXAMPLE. HOUSE N-WORD, BOOTLICKERS , COCONUT.. If It's Hard To UNDERSTAND? YOU ARE SO PRIVILEGED, YOU CAN'T SEE IT.. IM A 40y.o Black Woman. I Understand Everything The 3 Of Them Saying. But I With The Lady on this One. This Brother Have No Idea, How White Supremacy Play a Role In Policing. Always Was, Always Did. Hopefully Change in the Future 🙏🏾 In my Opinion

  7. Let's keep in mind that the initial REASON and FRAMEWORK for establishing law enforcement in this country or anywhere around the world, descends from chasing down runaway Black, Hispanic, or Native Indian SLAVES, and returning them BACK to slave plantations. Many of these systems have been set in place because of white supremacy, and the need to patrol and control so-called Blacks, Hispanics, and Native Indians. Because these systems have been set in place, unfortunately there are a lot of Black and Hispanic men who have forgotten history, or not aware of the fact that law enforcement was initially created to control and monitor Black and Hispanic people, so many of these incidences have taken place, but at the root of the problem is the reason, it all descends from white supremacy, slavery, oppression, genocide, land theft, and subjugation. You know it's rigged against Black and Hispanic people when you see black police officers STILL BEING ARRESTED AND RACIALLY PROFILED, WHICH SHOWS THAT JUST BECAUSE YOU JOIN THAT SIDE OF THE LINE DOESN'T EXEMPT YOU FROM FALLING VICTIM TO IT!

  8. Piers Morgan has the luxury to not worry about being racially profiled, or killed because of his race. He has the luxury to walk down the street and not be targeted in a suburban neighborhood, he has the luxury to use white privilege to get out of certain situations. That alone exclude you from being able to tell Black and Hispanic people what we can and cannot understand or experience, what you fail to realize is that America is built on white Supremacism, black-on-black crime is a subsequent indoctrination of self-hatred and hatred for your own people. Black-on-black crime is actually in the Bible, but it is all due to white supremacist standardization, which creates a white supremacist norm and subjugation with rule and authority! How hard is it to comprehend that you have certain privileges and luxuries that people of color don't? 🤦🏾‍♂️

  9. My people in the middle east (the Christian Assyrian people) have been killed and raped years and years.

    So to just say black lives matter is nothing but bs. Blacks in USA have it very good compared to many people in the middle east and Russia. Most Blacks in USA are nothing but lazy people that do drugs and blame it on the white man. Even your ancestors in Africa don't like African Americans and that's a fact.

  10. This woman and the ideology behind her line of thought is nonsense.
    They need to disappear from university and political discourse.
    Her mentality is arrogant, illogical, entitled and damaging.
    She is just repeating the same poem that all of them just randomly repeat

  11. Hahaha that's so ridiculous. Black people kill other black people but it's still the white mans fault. Try to do that in reverse and have fun getting canceled to oblivion

  12. 🚨🚨🚨 That woman has absolutely no self control. Absolutely no self restraint. She is a professional interrupter !!!
    Piers should have told her to stop interrupting and to STFU on a number of occasions !!!!
    Her complete lack of self awareness and spectacular ability to be extremely rude is second to none !! 🚨🚨🚨

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