May 27, 2022

24 thoughts on “PM of Barbados Again Puts BBC Reporter in Her Place as she Talks on Racism and Reparations

  1. The islands in the Caribbean colonized by Britain, are the most successful of any of the colonized islands. Britain was also the first nation probably in history to grant independence. All other emancipations were won through conflict.

  2. Such a narrow minded journalist. Well schooled probably but absolutely lacking in education. "Freedom is compensation"..who says that. FREEDOM IS A RIGHT. Not compensation. It is a due that should never be tampered with or taken away to begin with. Giving one their due is not "compensation" but just being human, responsible, respectful, honourable and Right.
    To say "freedom is compensation" implies that someone (the colonial powers in this case) have/had the Right to withhold the freedom of another. That's utter nonsense.
    Well it's in part a reflection of a dominant Western thought

  3. She has more sense in one of her little fingers than so called leaders like ramaphosa have in their entirety. People like ramaphosa who personally have amassed great wealth by protecting white colonial interests whilst his people have slid further into the abyss of poverty.

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