September 21, 2023
Police Attack Reporters at Black Lives Matter Protests | NowThis

Police have attacked reporting on protests more than 100 times in the past week.
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In and today, despite freedom of the press, police are attacking nationwide. Here’s a compilation of reporters being targeted for doing their jobs.

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32 thoughts on “Police Attack Reporters at Black Lives Matter Protests | NowThis

  1. The word "reporter" can mean any Marxist type who hangs around riot zones, claiming to "educate" the public on the evils of police whom rioters provoke on purpose. One of BLAMtifa's main tactics is annoying cops then recording their reactions on DinduCams.

  2. One sided corporate corrupt education system and government agencies propaganda of the tyrants tables greed based economic standards systems of living I love the one sided stories never allow the truth so help you everything 13 stripes on the flag for not playing with a full deck 50 stars half truth 3 colors they got a color scam scheme whatever ya call it

  3. If Trump would have had his way this would have been real led and people would have been laying dead in the streets. Just think about that and tell me this Moronic racist TRAITOR was the the best president including Lincoln and Washington??.

  4. Some get offended by „Black lives matters“, and say „all live matter“, yes but because white lives matters without going to protest, because they are the norm and don’t experience racism. Or atleast not problematic amount of racism. and its sad that black people have to protest about.

  5. I supported the police all the way until all these cell phone videos showed me they are far from heroes. I can’t believe how many republicans are in support of these tactics THIS IS THE PROBLEM!

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