Recorded 11/5/2020, approx. 8:50pm EST, Knoxville, TN USA

I was chilling in a Food City parking lot in my car, eating some food while I wait for Uber Eats requests (I’m a delivery driver), and then I see this crazy altercation take place. Literally like less than 2-3 mins before I started filming, they were just pulled over into the parking lot by an unmarked KPD police car for what appears to be a busted headlight and the cops immediately escalated with the 16 year old kid driver and the mother and that’s when I started recording. Soon afterwards, it starts to spiral massively out of control…

For the tl;dw people: Undercover KPD cops pull over black family for a broken headlight. Cops immediately start roughing up and arresting the 16 y.o. driver without saying what he’s arrested for while harassing the mother and daughter. After the kid is detained, mass reinforcements come immediately and do an illegal drug search with no probable cause or warrant with a K9 dog on both cars. After they find nothing, they issue the mom a “citation”, take the kid to jail, threaten to tow her son’s car, and leave. Biggest gang in America is the cops, on God. Welcome to being Black in America.

P.S. I know I use this channel to upload strictly Smash stuff, but this just happened to me out of nowhere and given all the crazy things that have happened in this country just this year, I figured I’d share a piece of that here with you all. Stay safe y’all and remember: ACAB

Update 1/?: The mother ended up getting her kid from jail the next day and I assume she also got the vehicle later as well (I went back to the location the next day or so and the car wasn’t there). She said she would file a complaint with the KPD and would be in contact with a lawyer. I told her that if I needed to be a witness on the stand that I will be. Also, I did give the mom a copy of this video. I’ve yet to hear of any further developments on this case as of the writing of this update (12/29/2020).


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