Enjoy this funny video clip of the Police Brutality (End SARS now) protests in Owerri, Imo State. Nigeria
Also enjoy these other videos below from me.

1. Dr Ezeudo & Family Photoshoot:
2. Dr Ezeudo Graduation Photos A:
3. Dr Ezeudo Graduation Photos B:
4. Praying in God’s own words A:
5. Praying in God’s own words B:
6. Adaeze Adorable Chimamaka Nwaozuzu @ 5 years:
7. World Pharmacist Day 2020:
8. World Pharmacist Day 2020 Uncut:
9. Dr Ezeudo Nwaozuzu’s 45th Birthday:
10. Dr Ezeudo Nwaozuzu’s 45th Birthday :
11. End SARS Protests:
12. End SARS Protests 2:


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