How the Devil is actively working to derail Black Consciousness.

In the wake of yet another unjustified killing of an unharmed Black person at the hands of the Police, many American cities have erupted in protest and violence but after three nights of unrest a sinister counter-narrative is emerging. Peaceful protesting by unharmed Black people against Police brutality has transformed into violent nightly rioting and looting of stores and businesses by mostly white youth who are apparently being egged on by unidentified agent provocateurs. Its not hard to tell that the intent of these people is to derail the rise of Black Consciousness.

Black Consciousness is not an organization or single defined movement. It is a collective effort by many race conscious Black people and organizations to raise our awareness, self-pride, and racial respect so that we can collectively push to level the playing field for opportunity in society, even by force if we have to. There are many people who do not sympathize with this goal. Most are from other races and some are even from our own as they are faithfully waiting for their reward in Heaven. We refer to all these racist and self-hating people as Devils.

Devils come in many forms, the most dangerous being a racist. Racist Devils possess a crippled moral philosophy of mankind. They started their devilish ideology hundreds of years ago by comparing the sizes of various skulls of the different races then they concluded that their skull type indicates that they must be the most intelligent because only they are so observant to in defining their own existence. It was a new variation of the phrase “I think, therefore I am”, if you understand.

This way of thinking or ideology gave them the excuse to conquer, enslave, and exploit other races. So, they conquered Turtle Island, enslaved Africans and created America. Many of us make the mistake of saying that the Indians were the first Americans. No, they weren’t. They referred to this land as Turtle Island and it was their land before it was captured and renamed the New World then America. So yes, the white descendants of former British peasants were the first Americans.

It is their ancestors, who today refuse to let go of the belief that they are the unconditional owners America; never mind the constitutional amendments that extend ownership to Black people as well as all who immigrate and become citizens. Today these idealists are desperately afraid of losing control of America. They are all for government oversight as long as it is not to control them. Their biggest enemy is other white people who have developed Socialist or Liberal ideologies of sharing political power with minorities. Therefore, they use the resources of the Courts, Law Enforcement, and Secret Service to subvert any and all social uprisings.

Contrary to popular belief, white youth are the most impressionable demographic of people in America. They grow wild, carefree, and reckless because they are protected by white privilege. If they are not trained into conservative ideology early, they will grow as Liberals believing that America is for everybody. They are the ones now referred to as the Antifa. Unfortunately devil minded people know how to manipulate these people. All you have to do is provide a cause and the tools for them to create destruction.

That leads us to today where many people are bearing witness to several strange occurrences involving the demonstrations against the police killing of George Floyd. What initially started out as peaceful community-based protests in several cities across America has turned into all out looting, rioting, burning, and the destroying of property including Police cars, police stations, retail businesses, and news stations.

Videos have emerged on social media of people pointing out strange incidents that are occurring that have nothing to do with the peaceful protesting. In one video a guy points out that piles of Bricks have magically appeared on street corners in inner cities. Other video shows a man dressed in all black and wearing a gas mask smashing store windows so that Skate Boarding youth can enter to do their looting.

The strangest incident of all happened at the CNN news network headquarters in Atlanta where a crowd of white youth attempted to smash their way into the building but were repelled by the dozens of Cops stationed inside. Suddenly someone hiding behind the crowd tosses a Molotov Cocktail into the building and it explodes. What was the reason for attacking the CNN building you might ask? Clue: Trump has been bashing CNN for years.

Afro-Conscious Media does not subscribe to conspiracies therefore we try to avoid spreading mis-information in order not to confuse the Black community. However, sometimes some information is just too ironic to ignore. We know the character of devil minded people and we also know that they operate in secret and covert ways. Their most effective tool is subversion, which works through infiltration, sabotage, and divide and conquer.

In turning the protesting by Black people against Police brutality into rioting, looting, and further killing, Devil minded people are hoping to raise the levels of fear in society. This fear will turn the minds of white Liberals against Black people for starting the protests in the first place. It will also maintain division and resentment among the races so that they can maintain their case for the exclusion and ignoring of Black Civil Rights in America.

About Author: integral
A free-thinking individual who strives to maintain psychological balance between the two polar aspects of Human Nature; Desire and Conscience. However, These conditions can never be balanced because inertia will carry us to extremes. Balance is a constant struggle therefore I live by the principles of the HERU Interface