September 19, 2023
Presentation of breakthrough free energy technology by Maxwell Chikumbutso

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33 thoughts on “Presentation of breakthrough free energy technology by Maxwell Chikumbutso

  1. If this is a genius who invented free energy, top nuclear energy professors and experts from all over the world, you will all be prepared to lose your job, and oil-producing countries will also be miserable, but it is a pity that your set of microwave waves can generate kw of power and electricity , You didn’t mean to fool everyone’s common sense, did you? Pray! God is a good man who protects the honest.

  2. He needs to share his wonders with all of Africa first and then the world. Obviously he has no idea of the cruel hatred that White Europeans and America has for black people.

  3. is it that every negative comment gets removed? because it's a scam and still only positive comments here. After all this time, more than 7 years, he would have published some theory of how the machine actually works, instead of mixing volts and watts.

  4. Max is a genius for sure.The bullshit at the beginning though , you guys just ran with the main stream media crap that gives a ffalse narrative about Africa in general.We do have electricity fcol

  5. He’s too shady, he doesn’t want to see a greener earth, he’s pushing for profit. Make it available to all so it doesn’t die with him, and the right company will stand up and fight for him.

  6. This is a breakthrough and I'm so glad that God is glorofied in this, stand strong brother u will win the nobel price for this invention. If Nikola Tesla were alive u guyz would be good friends I'm sure😀

  7. If anyone knows what I know his life is on the line, even if he wasn't black but especially since he is. They didn't even let Nikola Tesla come out with this. His plan is to empower Africa with his technology (economically). If his technology is a success globally, he would of had to compromise integrities and Africa will not benefit. Pray for our brother.

  8. This should help Zim be an energy powerhouse what is the Zim president saying about this Maxwell should also be careful of what he drinks or eats he's in danger he's also lifting the African flag

  9. Where's Maxwell and why is his invention not rolled out upto now,this is is the green energy that we are always hearing we need to adapt to yet they are stalling his project upto now !

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