September 17, 2021

13 thoughts on “President Ramaphosa addresses South Africans repatriated from Wuhan

  1. Pardon me but aren’t we getting a bit ahead of ourselves?! First off – of course they tested negative because THEY NEVER CONTRACTED THE VIRUS IN THE FIRST PLACE. (A statement taken from Cape Times: “All the South Africans coming home are healthy. They have not contracted the virus,” Mthembu said.” ) (statement from Times Live on 18 Mar 2020 “ “It gives us great pleasure to announce to South Africans that all the citizens from Wuhan were tested and their results came back negative for Covid-19,” said health minister Dr Zweli Mkhize.) … further to this – not only were they quarantined in China but they had been further quarantined in a holding facility designated only to them in a province that only had their first reported case on the 16th of Mar 2020, 2 days after they arrived! And on top of that had their own special team of Dr’s , nurses and military to keep things in check. And so, the likelihood of the outcome being anything else was highly unlikely because the situation and everything leading up to the outcome was IDEAL. In my opinion – all of this is somewhat exaggerated. The time to celebrate, to turn things into a song and dance, to call in all the dignitaries – is when numbers starts to drop/ stabilize and recoveries are quicker in the REAL WORLD…. get your heads out of the clouds, the war ain’t over😑

  2. Dear President, you did a great job bringing these people home, Now President l don’t know if you are aware but thousands of South Africans are stuck stranded all over the world due to the fact that your minister of transport has closed our airports. People don’t need a plane sent for these people, just please open the airports so people can return home.
    The only reason planes are not coming to South Africa is because the airspace has been closed to South Africa citizens despite the fact that you said our airports will remain open for people to return. I feel absolutely cheated and most disappointed that people can not return. PLEASE OPEN OUR AIRPORTS AND AIRSPACE.

  3. This was indeed a very successful repatriation. It definitely is evidence that a lockdown does work if everyone plays the game. I hope this compassion and mercy that was shown by all continues even after this entire pandemic is over.

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