September 22, 2023
(Preview) YOTED: Red Reds, COINTELPRO, and the FBI

Nick Estes and Sungmanitu on the of FBI surveillance and repression of social movements from an Indigenous Marxist …


8 thoughts on “(Preview) YOTED: Red Reds, COINTELPRO, and the FBI

  1. As gruesome and horrific of historic materialism as it is, it is undeniable that this unnecessary Eurasian settler Colonialist social domination hierarchy since Christopher Columbus has always been enforced with a structurally corrupt and structurally racist/bigoted coercive monopoly of the state (police). Worse ,this unnecessary racialized hierarchy seeks to protect the entirely pseudoscientific racist legal construct of colonialism, so-called whiteness😒🥺👎🏽 also known as the structural dispossesses or a.k.a. red line or a.k.a. racist racialist identity of colonialism. 😒👎🏽

  2. Also one must always remind the colonizers that before trans-Atlantic slave trade, the colonialist deported millions of indigenous people out of America and many to horrific slave plantations in the west Indies and elsewhere and the proof of it is in the genetics of Native American indigenous people throughout the world . They didn’t just expropriate the land through genocide😭👎🏽 they also enslaved millions as well as deported them into slavery into Central and South America and throughout the world😭👎🏽It’s so horrific but you can’t let the colonizer detail with exclusion around this horrific fact.

  3. Cape Cod is a horrific place that came about supplying the west Indies slave plantations and Rhode Island was the center of so-called religious refugee converso Aaron Lopez’ horrific slave trade and whaling monopoly – The north is as much to blame as the south 😒👎🏽

  4. Now that we have electronic communications how long do you think it will take us to go back to being red reds, land managers, resources managers and do we go from rent back to free and if not free how much cheaper will cost of living become if companies have to negotiate with us?

  5. Here’s some more indigenous people from the place now called California ( who unfortunately were wiped out 😭😭😭😭by the several waves of Eurasian genocides committed against them and now it’s the home of Kim Kardashian and T white T and John Idarola who knows exponentially more about the Vulcans and the Romulans and video games and television shows (wheeeeeeeee!) than he does about any native Californian indigenous people or any indigenous folx and Cenk and Anna who spent their life watching HBO and ignoring whom they extract their luxury from, the people who were here long before they came to steal everything they have from them through a Eurasian hierarchy and eliminationist displacement that is completely unnecessary and completely racialist and completely racist and they have not any indigenous people whatsoever on their show, not even xicanx, just like the entire cast of TYT because they’re all colonizers and they refuse any xicanx coming on the show because they don’t need anybody to tell them the truth that they are colonizers excluding the colonized and living in redlined areas the colonized has been excluded by them for centuries from because they are Eurasians in a Eurasian colony extracting their inter-generational wealth from non-Eurasians because that’s how this dismal repugnant Eurasian colony works.🥺👎🏽😒

  6. Don’t let the colonizers pretend they don’t understand that settler colonialism is structurally one giant racist bigoted impunity granting machine & the worst institutionalized and structural nepotism that there can be EVER, and the there is undeniably a vast preponderance of incontrovertible unbiased pathetic reprehensible evidence of it, & it is all around YOU colonizer – you don’t get to pretend it isn’t because you’re the emperor without a shred of clothing-it isn’t a good idea to show this to whom you colonize-jus’ sayin’😒 you’re going to have to get some clothes on colonizer emperor😒😬- just open your colonizer eyes or take them off HBO/Netflix and bourgeois pay extra services for maybe a second and for one moment quit ingesting the nonstop drivel from the pervasive speculum of screens feeding you pathetic zero information calorie famine of the mind brioche that you are 100% addicted to 😬🙄because it validates your cringe colonizer false consciousness in your extracted Petit bourgeoisie tier of your unnecessary hierarchy of settler colonialism (and the petty bourgeoisie are the only people in a tier of the unnecessary racialized settler colonialist social domination hierarchy who are in a position to kiss up and kick down – which is exactly how you create a fascist and there’s massive evidence of this all around you colonizer!) and its repugnant Eurasian social domination hierarchy since Christopher Columbus, all of its childish inane colonizer flattery tropes which most every colonizer is sadly addicted to like some kind of addicted colono-lab-rat constantly hitting the lever for a treat who can’t stop… the lever…. For a treat that validates their false consciousness…hitting the lever for a treat but this treat comes in hyperreal spectacle format of pathetic colonizer Petit bourgeois tropes, which only validate the colonizer Petit bourgeoisie extracted archetype “experience” of the enhanced survival they have been convinced they have to have😒😒🥺🥺🥺🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 Trust testimony that, those who manipulate you so thoroughly colonizer, are laughing at you and they know what they’re doing and they think it’s hilarious that the manipulated people call it their “entertainment”😂😂😂😂(they spend their lives doing nothing engaging in being completely disengaged via ingesting hours upon hours of zero information calorie famine of the mind colonizer flattery tropes and they call that being “entertained”) as they are being manipulated entirely because they have a colonizer habitus which has a repugnant insufferable colonizer doxa that is the easiest nomos (habitus) in mankind to manipulate because they NEED NEED to have their false consciousness validated constantly— it is how colonialism survives🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤢🤢🤢—or it can’t exist and no justice can ever be had under settler colonialism because the settler colonialist state is itself incontrovertible repugnant evidence of reprehensible crimes against humanity and there is no bigger evidence of crimes against humanity than the settler colonialist state and the clueless colonialist flattery trope addicted settlers in it. 😒🤢🤮 they don’t even see that they are constantly fed the manipulative racist colonialist paradigm of the humanized “protagonist” settler against the dehumanized “antagonist” swarthy horde….There is no bigger evidence of crimes against humanity in the history of mankind than the so-called United States😒🥺😬You don’t get to pretend that indigenous people don’t exist and rather just pretend HBO/netflix bourgie-pay-per-trope, trope-a-dope colono agitprop drivel is reality and let that craft you cringe Petit bourgeois false consciousness, because that repugnant behavior is just untenable – that gravy train of the cornucopia of colonialist structural dispossession extraction by Eurasian colonialist while ignoring the colonized and having your Eurasian people keep coming over to jump on that big fascista bandwagon of the utterly repugnant US fascist Eurasian hegemony & the decades of phoenix program on Latin America and the rest of the world so your recent Eurasian immigrant chums and family members can come over here and enjoy the benefits of America’s ongoing worldwide genocide(s)😭😭😭 committing rentier fascist hegemony- it’s so repugnant & history will not look kindly on those who came over during the this United States hegemon destroying the world with its proxy paramilitary fascist forces and those are just facts sad sad sad facts, it is over colonizer, and you are going to be really ridiculed like you always should be for doing that because colonizers don’t get a hold their pathetic colonizer flattery trope “bamboozled” head in the sand.

    The “US” census is absolutely and entirely untenably racist af because it includes the absolutely atrocious genocidal pseudoscientific colonialist racist legal construct of “whiteness” 😒👎🏽🥺 The only reason the social construct and racist legal construct of whiteness is in the census is because of the racist 3/5 rule. Don’t identify as any pseudoscience and don’t let anybody identify you as any antonym nor any gradable antonym of their damn genocidal racist legal construct pseudoscientific identity “whiteness” or any other legal construct!

  7. We will never forget the indigenous because this entire despicable unnecessary racialized Eurasian settler colonialist social dominance hierarchy since Christopher Columbus is one giant anti-indigenous eliminationism industrial complex and in so-called America it has been since 1600s. xicanx is not going to forget the indigenous, no way whatsoever!

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