September 22, 2023
Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Talk Black Lives Matter

35 thoughts on “Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Talk Black Lives Matter

  1. they opened a foundation that funds counseling for black women….. is racist in my opinion. can you imagine if there was counseling for white women? This is not a NEW awareness…. before she was born Title 9 ensured more work for black women at the expense of white women. And admissions to state university programs the same. Years have gone by and it seems it is not enough. whispering will fade so please stop whining. using Floyd's life as if it never happened to a white person is a false message. the abuse of power is the issue against anyone… therefore the awareness needs to be of what the issue is…… abuses of power. the man that killed Floyd hurt and killed white people too and was a part of a whole systemic problem. meghan uses this death for her agenda. and the issue of the monarchy not using their power for their own political gain is glaringly appropriate in light of what the harry and meghan are doing now. the real issue is the overlap in black and white communities finding the abuse of our political system. and in my judgment that is the total abuse of power from police officer to the chiefs to the prosecuters to the judges and the upper judges, all patting each other on the back….. by missing that the duo lack credibility. my points for meghan have gone down significantly since the launch of their website that sets up funds for black women only, white lives dont matter after all, right ? I agree she runs on and on. she likes the sound of her own voice.

  2. She's a woman of bad manners and bad character.. I don't like her.. you knew all of this before getting married, you knew being married into the royal family it's not just about yourself, but it's an institution.. she looks cheap.. On Harry how stupid can you be.. I would be sooo embarrassed. She doesn't want her father talking about the affairs, yet she is talking about others.

  3. I can see she's the type of person addicted to being on a soapbox. Typical narcissist. Look how he's pushed off to the side of the frame so she can be in the center as the focal point, their body language says everything about who is the dominant person in the relationship. Harry lost his balls to this woman.

  4. DIANE abbots Black woman came out with a racist remark against white people. Why is this not up in the headlines. White ppl are being racist against to. Its not all about black ppl. I'm not racist . But hearing her being racist towards white ppl is an insult to the white cultures.

  5. I know it's not a laughing matter but the way race makes people angry and uncomfortable because it's simple do believe in equality of the races or not. If you do why are you getting angry i understand being uncomfortable but anger really let's get behind the fight for equality for those who experience it.

  6. I just realised that Meghan Markle was actually pregnant in this video. She said that she has a miscarriage sometime in July 2020. This meeting happened on the 1st July (they uploaded it later).

  7. If the Duchess really was an advocate for black lives matter she and her husband would acknowledge that the British Royal family have two African
    descendants. She is quite happy being married to a "white man"
    and she knows very well where her own complexion got her.
    Does she go to where poor black people live to associate with them?
    If they really wanted to end racism start by publicly telling the public that the Royal family is,according to the one drop rule,black.
    And before anyone says I'm
    jealous of her complexion my DNA heritage test says I'm 98.8 %
    Northern European and 1.2 % Nigerian (the literature then goes on to explain how this African blood is highly represented in the Caribbean due to the slave trade).
    So I can pass for white any day but I don't but what I do know is how,especially in the Caribbean,
    light skinned people have hereditary wealth and good jobs and are extremely well represented in positions of power.
    So if the Duchess is serious about black lives matter she should stop making it all about her and do something real for the people it really affects.
    To be honest I feel sorry for Prince Harry because when the Duchess no longer has any use for him and there is a messy divorce he may have to back to
    (I'm guessing it might be King Charles by then)the Monarch
    "begging for his title back.
    But since Charles is his Father
    (or at least that's the official
    story)he will probably welcome him back because he would be a hypocrite not to considering his own personal life.

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