September 28, 2021

21 thoughts on “Prince Harry Talks Possibility Of Moving To Africa With Meghan Markle

  1. Ahhhh get ready for neoColonialism!!
    The African continent was fine for Europeans of all kinds when they moved there to rape the land and its people for centuries because it has the most plentiful resources of all the planet. Guess you donโ€™t know history.

  2. Meghan certainly did her best acting role yet ! And Harry has lost respect not just from Britain but obviously his brother who I may add also lost his mother ! This documentary smacks of celebrity not royalty !!

  3. You can clearly see how detached from reality she really is. Even in a documentary y about the Africa trip where they are surrounded by horrible circumstances, death capital etc – not 1 single sad face. Yet when she talks about herself suddenly the lip starts to go and the sad face comes out. And now on top of that they are taking a fully paid SIX week vacation. A vacation from WHAT?

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