October 19, 2021

2 thoughts on “Professor James Smalls Voodoo, The God Concept

  1. The caller at 1hr 24mins is onto something. I can confirm such meditative experience. I had this experience exactly 12 years ago when I started meditating I broke my trance because I started thinking about the eyes looking back at me but I didn't feel threatened when I came out of my trance I saw my room clear as day but then I heard a woman's voice say "open your eyes" I opened my eyes I had the blanket I use for meditation over my face as i had to begin.. I have been chasing this experience ever since! What I have come to know is that you stepped outside of your physical conciousness and sat in the presence of your Divine Conciousness. This experience brought me to know I am God having a human experience I am beyond flesh.

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