September 29, 2023
Professor's role in FBI Burglary Exposes Surveillance

Religion professor breaks the law to bring down J. Edgar Hoover’s . He and his wife explain their roles in what …


5 thoughts on “Professor's role in FBI Burglary Exposes Surveillance

  1. I am half way through the book, The Burglary. Thank you for your intelligence and courage. The timing of the book's release and your story is perfect. We are at another tipping point.

  2. The question to me, as much as I respect these folks for finding out about COINTELPRO, what is going on today?  We have no idea, and there is so much more power and force behind the government.  Think about this when this was made all the documents were on paper, now they can be hidden, encrypted, … we have no idea what is being done or how our society is being manipulated.

  3. There used to be a 1972 NBC or CBS documentary on surveillance that had about 15 minutes on what the released files revealed about the incredible surveillance of the FBI on Swarthmore College–now it seems to have disappeared from Youtube–can anyone find it?

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