September 22, 2021

36 thoughts on “Pros and Cons of Moving to America | Immigrating From SA to USA

  1. Your race doesn't matter in america, no matter what ur skin color is won't change how your life is, life choices are the only things that matter in america, I know it is your opinion and how you feel, but I encourage you think differently, cause in america it really doesn't matter

  2. I can't imagine living in my homeland and feeling like a stranger in my own homeland, bc of foreign invasion? I would visit South Africa, but I wouldn't' like to live there

  3. yoh yoh yoh that is what I love apart of South Africa especially highs school the mentality of S.A high schoolers is ''hey why do you want to fight go there is tap water over there you are overheated we are trying to relax and you come here and make noisy ".

  4. i see mostly only pros for america.1 low taxes.2more opportunities of jobs.3 cost of living is payalble.4all climate zones in the world from desert until tundra.5easy to get a weapon.6a safe place for fat peoples.7a reefuge can get the greencard.8to found a project is thousand times cheaper.9 to be famouse is the usa the best place to live in.10 big freedom

  5. Let's just go back home lol, I'm enjoying my time here in US but you honestly would never compare the food, the love from complete strangers as u mentioned, and YES being part of the majority. Still appreciate everyone I've met here tho

  6. I feel like this girl is talking down on SA and we in SA are sort of left behind, backwards people. Idk I just get that feeling she's very self-centered as well. I came here for seeing the difference between SA and USA not your personal experiences and why you "blessed". We all "blessed" no matter where we come from. Just my professional opinion, nothing against you. Love and light

  7. Sarcasm… No one warned you that Atlant and the South are not America, but are part of "MeriKKKa"! Seriously, I love your take on minority/majority, that's the basic fear of "white MeriiKKKa" as this country becomes a non-white majority in the next decade.

  8. Welcome to America. As someone from the UK who is living in Dallas, all I can say is that America is truly one of the world's greatest nations. Hope you love it

  9. I’m moving to America in 2023 to further my studies and I’m planning on staying there, thanks for this video it really helped me research more and it was nice hearing it from someone who also lived in SA! You’re awesome 🥰

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