September 22, 2021

20 thoughts on “Protesters In S/Africa Seek Repatriation Of Nigerians Allegedly Involved In Crimes

  1. Let the authority deal with any criminal actvities not yous coming out calling 9ja names wen yous know fully well dat not all ppl are bad and stop…murderfuckers

  2. This is stereotype…stop buying drugs train your kids very well in all the countries in the world there bad and good people the law should take if it and I think is time this nonsense stop once and fall all…where is south Africa police don't put blame on other country for your failures every nation has there challenges face deal them those issues…go get a job stop thinking drugs and don't find a quick way to make money south Africa Is listed among highest crime country in the with or without Nigeria….

  3. Don't blame them, our current president and his government put Nigerians in this mess all over the world. Nigerians are humiliated even in our backyard countries in Africa. Tinubu, Soyinka, Fashola, Falana, Bakari and a host of other propaganda APC supporters. More are still coming.

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