September 20, 2021

15 thoughts on “Q&A with Greg – Black Holes, Consciousness, My Research, and More!

  1. I believe one's conscious awareness is able to instantly disincorporate from the body, to be thrust toward what's theorized to be within a cosmological black hole, only through a sufficient dose of 5-methocy-N,-N-dimethyltryptamine.

  2. When light approaches black holes it bends..why doesn't it's velocity change when it bends? Or when the black hole sucks the light into it the speed of light remains constant why? .. please answer..

  3. What is a white hole??
    I studied on Google that if an object gets in a white hole then it keeps moving between a black hole and a white hole.. 😕
    How'z that possible??

  4. So is the earth really flat or is it an in oblate sphereoid?….the reason I ask is that the math does not appear to support a round earth. Or the earth is waaaaayyy bigger than what they say.
    Example….all around the earth different people can see much further than what the math says should be below the horizon.

  5. It is normally stated that nothing can escape a black hole and that Hawking radiation is the only way that black holes can shink. On the other hand, the LIGO reports said that several solar mases of energy were lost in gravitational waves during the merger of the black holes. Can you explain the apperent contridiction? Thanks.

  6. >implying there's no chance that causality and structure can propagate through multiple iterations of a universe

    Why are we spreading outdated axioms and dogma when people ask us what happened before the big bang again?

  7. What if you could separate The positive and negative material that comes into existence maybe you could even dump the negative material into a black hole

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