September 28, 2021

50 thoughts on “Queen Jodi Frying Potato Chips In The Gambia

  1. You guys are grateful to prove that Gambians are generous and supportive.
    They were few who came to the Gambia and were insulting the very Gambians who gave them everything and were the same people who were scamming the African Americans who wanted to come to Africa.

    Please do not respond to people. Keep doing your thing.

  2. Love you two and your bold moves to travel despite the odds. Please you see like how you leave the plantation island…leave behind those negative slaves and be free because you have every right to get home and receive all the joy the Most High has bestowed upon you. Carry on doing you. We who see your true spirit know you higher than dem deh.Giving thanks for your joy!

  3. I've only just started watching these two lovely individuals who I believe have made themselves become as one recently! Firstly I would like to say thank you for having such great spirits and inspiration.💗. I've watched as many videos as I can and no matter what queen Jodi have a smile on her face always. 😊😊. Please try your best to stay this way .
    Manners and respect ❤💛💚
    Nuff love AP.

  4. You guys still acclimatising to your new surroundings, what’s people problem? As long as you can manage yourself for now, work will come. Glad you have your own space, good luck for the future. 👍🏾

  5. Yoo family don’t mind them some people are like that they don’t mind there business if good people donate you is there any problem with that not at all there is no organization in the world who did not accept the donation Even UN people donate them so do your things we appreciate what you are doing in The Gambia I am from Gambia but right now i am in USA Lexington Kentucky i do subscribe to your channel and i am following you videos in YouTube keep the good work you are doing i love guy’s

  6. You are a peaceful, genuine, unpretentious couple who has accomplished a great thing in sharing your move to Africa with us. I dont think you are begging when you ask for support or donations. Some folks don't understand how the circle of life goes. The support we give you now will one day in turn assist any one of us on our similar journey. Keep shining, vibrate higher and soar like eagles. Peace and love to you always🙂👍💞🌹

  7. Hi I love your videos ! I was wondering how do you connect your gas range to the gas tank, do you guys have to buy a specific kind of gas or does any gas range work. and did you guys have to trouble connecting the stove

  8. When people watch reality tv, those people get paid. We watch you for entertainment and to learn…why shouldn't you earn an income from your videos? You have to move on and not focus on the negative. You are positive people, don't let anyone change that.

  9. I love you my family….. I have your back and front always. This is the start of brand new beginnings. Keep answering the call of the ancestors and pave the way for the rest of the like minded brothers and sisters. You guys are just phenomenal

  10. Beautiful kitchen, Jodi you right, lol, they come on here and say negative things and still come here and watch! I’m so proud of you both, don’t pay them no mind! I love your channel❤️❤️🙏🏽✊🏽✊🏽

  11. I love you guys and judging by the comments, most people do. Don't watch the negative people, most of them are not on the journey that you have taken. You are an inspiration to those of us planning to do the same journey….upward and onward…💯

  12. Jodi and AP don't give your energy to those damn fools out there!! no matter what you do, you will always find some idiot. Jesus Christ was perfect and they said crucify him. I am so proud of both of you. What you guys do, those fools cannot do it in their lifetime. Keep up.the good work and remember that the greatest revenge is success. In love you guys.

  13. You don't owe your trolls explanation AP the important thing is that you
    Both know who you are and the purpose why your in Africa .Continue to love those who persecute you and despitely use you. Focus on those who support you immensely.

  14. Do not feed the negatrons. There will always be entities that will feed off the negative energies. Mek dem talk, Family there are a few snake and some wolf & leopards in The Gambia that’s really doing some evil things to genuine people that humble beings, like you both. Keep Rising and continue to do what you are both doing. Wishing you a healthy, joyful 2021.

  15. Pepper then, yes, now gwaan continue move good . Many blessings to you. We're SO proud of you. Nuff love to you both…& all a you skills dem tu 🙂 (mek dem gwaan!!)

  16. I need to look into getting you an Air Fryer Queen Jodi. You need an air fryer to fry everything from potatoes, chicken, and fish to crispness without using extra oil. I will be shipping things to Gambia for my move

  17. You’ll are soooo lucky!!!! Don’t let anyone make you feel any type of way!!! I’m glad that Queen Jodi can tell them about their ass….sometimes you shouldn’t let the public know your business…some people are just crabs in a barrel. Happy new year!!!!!🎆 and blessings 2 you’ll…

  18. It’s. New Year! All the Haters go find you some business and stop the negative comments in this channel. We must learn to support each other as a people. One Love ❤️, One People, and One Africa ✊🏾.

  19. Me a beg unu do no mek no one draw unu out ur doing great works people just jealous & envy a kill dem 💯💯just keep up the great works & live up up up me people 💯💯❤💛💚🖤🇦🇲😍

  20. Who God bless no one can curse. Keep doing what you are doing. You are a blessing and an inspiration for a lot of people. Ignore the naysayers! God got you guys. Much love 😘👍🏾

  21. Hi Queen Jodi and AP, you should not have to explain what you all do and not do each day. If people don't like something then they can just stop watching. I find you all very positive, real, and loving toward each other and with those you come in contact with. Keep up the good work, stay positive, focused and shake off all the haters! Much Love from the States

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