August 10, 2022

42 thoughts on “Quest for One African Language Meant to Unite Africa | Mansa Talk Episode 1

  1. Brother Gichukie, there is no university in Tanzania that teaches Chemical Engineering in kiswahili.
    "Countries that do not agree will be left behind" really? hahahaa, something is fishy about this project!

  2. I love that! When we walk the walk!
    Thanks guys for this episode.
    Anpil fòs ba Sena AG, and Afro Institute.
    I will do my best to follow and support your essential work. I'm interested to take Afro and Swahili classes.

  3. Kiswahili/Swahili language is our lingua franca for all blacks and Afrikan people but other Afrikan languages should also be encouraged. I know Kiswahili language will carry all those other Afrikan languages. "Waafrika tuko pamoja milele daima."

  4. Question my native brothers!
    Why is Africa trying to learn the Colonizers languages anyway? Africa didn't invade Europe! Europe invaded Africa! Therefore if China, Europe, India, etc, etc can't speak the African Languages, then they go back where they came from! Why should you accommodate your Colonizers! Wake Up Africa! Africa for Africans! Swahili should be the universal language on the Continent Of Africa! Make it Constitutional Law! No exceptions!

  5. Renewable clean energy readiness, corridors and initiatives of Africa; is rich in renewable energy sources, including hydro, sun, wind and others, and the time is right for sound planning to ensure the right energy endeavors that bring work, prosperity, ease to its people and higher standards in world ranking as drivers of a foundational society that developed after the rest of the world from learning from others countries mistakes. I'm so proud to see Africa develop a continental universal language and afro tower (4 root- afro academy) that us in the diaspora can start learning and depending upon to repatriate and bring greater building capacity to our motherland. Africa is a future Mega power. China, Africa/sub Arib, Russia and then the that little conglomerate of the west, USA & Europe, everyone is capable of generating a better future for humanity on this planet, but they must develop their own lanes and stop inter colonization. 😉 In my opinion (IMO)

  6. HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY Spoke to and for AOU (African organization of unity) "Language is the key to culture" & success. the colonial language keeps Our continent divided. French English Spanish etc. Linguistic Colonization has Contributed n caused African to be divided at home and abroad. We believe the Ethiopian Fidel would be a good start (s(h)emetic languages) Roots. As long as the foreign language is prime in our mother/lands we as a ppl will remain DIVIDED AND RULED!!!


  8. I like Swahili but I'll have to disagree. In many African countries there are different communities and tribes who speak the same language but have conflicts among themselves. Do you think it'll be different with this idea? i wouldn't put my money on it.

  9. <b>Peace,<i> Love</i> & Prosperity to all PanAfricans!</b>

    <p>Here are some answers to few reactions in the chat!<p>

    Q: Having a common language doesn't mean you have to eliminate the other African languages.

    A: Of course not, Afro Institute is not in the business of destruction,

    we propose "afro" to panAfricans as 1st language but

    Education centers can still teach local dialects, the idea

    is to ease communication, cost, human capital development (leads to growth)

    by speeding the inevitability of African dialects becoming a creole language in the future.

    ——— ————- ————–

    Q: Absolutely no thought has gone into this language thing AT ALL. All this is is an idea. How would you create a language that everyone will speak?? People in Southern Africa, do not have the same pronunciation of words as West Africans for example, saying the word 'gbese' (Nigerian word but the 'gbe' sound is not found in Southern African countries). So how will you make this so called 'Afro' language. All you've said is an idea and a solution but no way of making it.

    A: Afro Institute is in conversation with several PanAfrican linguists (PhD, Ms., Ma).

    These talented PanAfrican linguists believe it's highly possible to create ''afro''.

    In time, Afro Institute linguists will publish a full documentation on the development process of the new language.

    Subscribe to our YouTube channel ( )

    and/or our newsletters list on our website( ) to receive new updates.

    Innovation is about solving tough problems by turning what looks impossible to become possible.

    ——— ————- ————–


    Unified language spawns a strong sense of togetherness. Which will the basis of a STRONGER continent.

    A: Indeed, we believe the same at Afro Institute.

    ——— ————- ————–

    Q: Having a single language is great, but has nothing to do with growth. What Africa needs is Economic growth, and the number one problem is poor leadership and corruption, these are the main reasons why we have poor economic growth.

    A: Hmm…Economic growth has a lot to do with human capital development.

    Growth is impossible without unity, too many official languages = division+ high communication cost + waste of time.

    Yes a sufficient support of government do help but effective growth is driven by businesses and entrepreneurs.

    Imagine a team of entrepreneurs, engineers, technicians collaborating in one language for a project…how is that for growth stimulation.

    ——— ————- ————–


    A: Meaning ''everyone'' the founder has talked with… regarding the project ''afro''

    We = the founder and the people (board directors & board members) involved in Afro Institute.

    A language cannot be created without the agreement of the masses of people.

    Afro Institute is proposing a solution, now the conversation is on… indeed we will follow the will of the masses.

    ——— ————- ————–

    Q:You guys are welcome to abandon your Swahili language for a Nigerian language. The solution to your problems is very simple, Africa needs a compiler language to translate all of our languages into each other in real time. Tech giants can achieve this with funding from the AU. That way we all keep our identities because what you are proposing is the intentional death of almost 1000 languages and cultures. Swahili will never dominate Africa, not when proud Nigerians out number you guys

    A: It is not a Swahili language, it will be a creole language made with most spoken afro dialects

    by taking into consideration the weight of the most influential one… Indeed west African Dialects will have equal representation.

    When the founder said that the main one could be Swahili, it's just an example. In reality, there will be fairness in the representation of all dialects.
    As mentioned in the interview, Afro institute will create an online translation platform and a coding language (compiler language…)

    ——— ————- ————–

    Q: One language? Dumbest idea ever. I will stick to my native Setswana thank you. Then Sotho, Pedi, Zulu and Xhosa. Honestly not interested in others. Africa has bigger problems than a sinhle language. 😒🙄

    A: You and your children will be more safer by creating bridges as PanAfricans rather than to build a dome to protect yourself.

    In order to become greater, one has to be willing to risk the unusual.

    Even with a unified language…Sotho, Pedi, Zulu and Xhosa will still be learned in education centers.

    ——— ————- ————–

    Q: Swahili is bastardized with Arabic. I rather have a "purer" African language

    A: No language is pure, Afro Institute is not proposing Swahili, we are proposing a mixed of all African dialects including Swahili.

    '' Pure'' is relative to your era, An African child in 100 years could call ''afro'' a pure African language.

  10. 🤟🤟Graciously accepted the invite into his group by a friend who actually benefited from him without stress and I went through the services and I saw good offers and I used my last money from my savings to invest and I kept on praying and checking my account in 7days I was receiving my withdrawal successful, you are great

  11. Why can’t you guys my fellow African peoples be real for once in how you think? The Western world doesn’t have one language and yet they are United. Look at them united against Russia? They don’t even care if they are wrong. Ever asked why? Skin colour alone united them and then they found other common values later. Europe is united based on skin colour alone, they used it to plunger and colonise and exploit Africa and they are still doing it to this day. One language will never unite Africa. You guys will only end up achieving the opposite of what you set up to achieve, you will divide Africa. Federal republic of Nigeria the giant of Africa and the most populous indigenous African country in the world and her people will never join you guys in this stupid one language agenda. You want to make it easier for our current oppressors and former colonisers to recolonise us in the future? Their militaries are already based in Africa. Make it easier for them to finish us off. Where is the military to protect us from them? African Union need to militarise, unite and end the Western exploitation of Africa by embarking on well planned and advanced industrialisation of Africa. We must stop exporting our raw material. This will fail, I say this as a fact because I a proud Nigerian, We need unity in diversity. There are over 400 distinct languages spoken by distinct ethnic groups within Nigeria alone with more communities never before catalogued since before colonialism in our jungles and mountains in Nigeria. We would wage wars and win it comfortably against anyone or amongst ourselves in Nigeria if any tribe go to another tribe and suggests the death of other languages in favour of anyone language. It will never happen unless all languages are protected at all cost despite learning a new one. We have 3 dominant unified language in Nigeria, Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba spoken amongst many west African peoples who came from us. You guys are welcome to abandon your Swahili language for a Nigerian language. The solution to your problems is very simple, Africa needs a compiler language to translate all of our languages into each other in real time. Tech giants can achieve this with funding from the AU. That way we all keep our identities because what you are proposing is the intentional death of almost 1000 languages and cultures. Swahili will never dominate Africa, not when proud Nigerians out number you guys. We are a very diverse group us Nigerians, proud, humble, religious, richer, more industrious, creative and proud of our collective ancient cultures and history for they created our languages. Our ancestors in Africa built a golden age and they still had their languages and traded cross Africa. I am very curious now, are there white peoples from the West behind your project as sponsors calling the shots behind the scene? The last time an African language died was when Muslim Arabs arrived in Egypt and wiped out the natives. Result? No one survived to read hieroglyphs for 1000 years and almost wiped out 250 thousand years of continuous native African history. Africa must unite in diversity because what you propose will have negative consequences in future. You go ahead with your agenda so long as you are not bringing Nigeria into it. We would not be part of the genocide of African languages when there are other simple solutions like a language compiler? This can work only when you protect endangered languages and all African languages by documenting them all so they are saved and the people whose ancestors spoke them can easily relearn their lost languages by watching videos of the people they came from speaking it the right way. African unite the right way ✊🏽

  12. This is a quixotic idea that doesn't take into account a number of factors, the most important of which is the 'Multiple Perception Limiting Chains' of the "Organizing Principle" that COMPELLED YOU to communicate in English.
    All of Africa is currently a subservient part of an 'Empire'. Be it English, French or Arabic speaking, Muslim, Christian, Capitalist or Socialist. The TRUE Organizing Principle behind them all is, "Collective Antipathy for All Spirits based on Limiting Perception of the One Law".
    The primary 'Perception Limiting' components of Collective Antipathy, WHICH ARE ALWAYS PRACTICED TOGETHER, are; White Supremacy, Patriarchy, Killer god religions and/or ideologies with their concept of 'Chosen and Not Chosen people', Empire, Avarice, Ritualized homosexuality and Child Abuse, Genocide, and Constant Warfare.
    The embrace of ANY of the perception limiting components of Collective Antipathy neutralizes ones ability to embrace the 'Primordial Organizing Principle', "Collective Empathy for All Spirits based on the Expanded Perception of the One Law". This is the organizing principle that was followed by ALL Members of the "Previous Worldwide Civilization".
    First relayed to us by Advanced Beings (not gods) from the Sah (aka Constellation of Heru, Orions Belt), SEVERAL Great Years ago (1 GY = 25,920 solar yrs). Practiced by innumerable life-forms across the 'Omniverse', the web of universes roughly equal in number to the number of stars in our universe. Most of whom are millions-of-years older than us.
    Surviving Ethical Systems based on Collective Empathy, include Maat – transmitted by the Anu from the Sah (Orions Belt), Uddha – transmitted by the Bu-Uddha but originally relayed to the Mel-Uddha of Indus Kush (IVC) by the "Anu". In Indus Kush EVERYONE was a Bu-Uddha. Their civilization, which was 'rebuilt' after the floods subsided around 7600 BCE and thrived for 5500+ years (Google Rakhigarhi), WITHOUT gods, kings, priests, or WARS. Ubuntu – transmitted to the Dogon by the Nommo from a planet orbiting Ptolo (Sirius B), and Mwiri – transmitted to the Twa from the Sah-Anu, among others.
    WE MUST ALSO EXPAND OUR PERCEPTION OF THE CONCEPT OF 'RACE' TO INCLUDE THESE LITTLE-MENTIONED FACTS – Genotype is anterior to and controls all phenotypes and haplogroups. "Genotypically" there are ONLY 2 RACES on Earth today, Homo Sapiens (UNMIXED Africans), and Homo Sapien/Neanderthal hybrids (everyone else). Everyone who IS NOT AN UNMIXED AFRICAN, has Neanderthal genes at ratios of between 1-2.45% (or 2-8% if one includes 'noncoding genes'). 'Whiteness' is graded according to the number of Neanderthal genes one carries, particularly on chromosome 3. This also means that the whitest, White people (the Han and Northern Europeans) are 97.55-99% (or 92-98%) UNMIXED AFRICAN.
    The PRIMARY DRIVERS of Rapid Climate Change, Mass Extinctions, Genocide, Misery, and Constant Warfare are WHITE MEN with the MOST Neanderthal genes.
    For more information about the TRUE SPIRIT AND HISTORY of Kemit and the other members of the "Previous Worldwide Civilization", the Next Level of Civilization, Perception Expansion, Sacred Science, Collective Empathy, Stone Moulding, Astral Alignments, Plant-Animal and Mineral Energetics, and much more, all humbly offered WITHOUT THE FILTERS OF, Supremacist, Patriarchal, Religious, and 'Mad Scientist' bias, check out my Boards on Pinterest @ Asar Kush
    Collective Empathy For All Spirits Based On Expanded Perception Of The One Law

  13. Hello my African brother and sister
    The content of this video is really nice
    I personally am working to establish this unified language for all African peoples
    From the southernmost tip of Africa to the northernmost tip of Africa
    From the far east of Africa to the far west of Africa
    And without investigating any of the great sons, daughters and peoples of Africa
    And not as stated in this video, which dedicated this unified language to the peoples of Sub-Saharan Africa!!!
    This is considered racism and neglect by an African of his African brother, unfortunately!!!

    If you are going to separate the sons, daughters and peoples of our continent and our mother Africa
    In terms of religion, race, color or culture

    Be sure that you will fail a shrewd failure in this regard
    Because you completely ignored some of the components of the African people
    This language has been assigned to one of the various African nations without any other African nations, unfortunately!!!

  14. One language? Dumbest idea ever. I will stick to my native Setswana thank you. Then Sotho, Pedi, Zulu and Xhosa. Honestly not interested in others. Africa has bigger problems than a sinhle language. 😒🙄

  15. I learnt Swahili as a little kid from my ayah. I went to school and learnt Latin and French. Today I can still speak Swahili but not Latin or French. It would be easy to get Swahili into schools as a teaching subject. Just needs a promoter and a few countries to start it.

  16. Great topic! 🙏🏽💕👍🏽 As an African American not having grown up with much exposure to African languages I love learning Swahili and teaching my daughter as well. It is such a beautiful language and makes you feel more connected to afro soil. 💌💕

  17. Omg I was just thinking this the other day! That we need a common language that everyone will be able to speak, not an elimination of the individual country languages, but a language that everyone learns along side their native tongue. Something complex enough with its own writing system to discourage non-Africans from learning it (like how Chinese is complex that non-Chinese people tend to not feel like putting in the effort), but also simple enough to start teaching adults and young ones in Africa. As well as a continental currency

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