Ebony aims to bring awareness to the impact that technology has on our lives and ways that we can live in harmony with it. Ebony is also fascinated with the impact that today’s social media has on society and the heavy role it plays in social engineering.

In today’s video Ebony updates us on her feelings right now regarding George Floyd and recommends books that helped her along her journey of gaining empowerment and knowledge of self.

The African American books for empowerment range from books that explore our history in Africa and all that was taken away from us, the impact of slavery and solutions for overcoming our condition. Authors explored are Dr. Claud Anderson, Carter G. Woodson, Ivan Van Sertima and more!

Must see documentaries:

She also briefly touches on white supremacy and the role of allies. Follow her on instagram to stay plugged in! @EbsKnowsBest

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Ebony left teaching after seven years in the classroom in 2015, followed by three years in the news business. She is a wife, mom, communications director and entrepreneur. She is also a Parks and Recreation Commissioner.

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