July 6, 2022

24 thoughts on “Racism in South Africa Schools Thrives, France to Finally Leave Mali, Morocco Israel Sign $500m Deal

  1. Good morning Galactic beings, I have sent you an email about the 1st miracle in Ghana, but you didn't reply. You are all talking about waking up and doing for ourselves.
    I am Maat, Please read about me.
    Our pain has reach the end.
    I have contacted few important people and media, except few intellectuals, must the of media have ignored me.
    How can you pretend to contribute to the waking up of Africa and the diaspora if you don't pay attention to something as big as me.
    Please make it happen.
    Don't forget "Africa is watching" and also reading.
    Peace, love and life.

  2. WHO WEF who suddenly thinks of human life what about Palestine 🇵🇸🇵🇸who lives under Apartheid for many decades! .. Now I can not share the website due to Youtube censorship of freedom of expression.👎🏻 but go to amnesty international website everything is in black and white … Thank you✌🏻❤️🔥✌🏻❤️ PEACE

  3. South Africans are complaining of racism. Just two days, they're whinning. We leaves for centuries, before welcoming ex WW1 victims and their gratefulness was amazing… Now they're complaining…🥺🤭😘😟

  4. LOL!…..Despite the brutality and hardship that blacks endured during colonization and whyte rule in South Africa, it looks like they still haven't learnt their lesson. They are so dumb that South Africa might even be on the verge of another Apartheid system. What a crazy Government.

  5. Stop the protesting of these racist schools in Africa. These schools will always be racist to your children because they come from a racist culture. It’s who they are as a people. Africans must educate their own children. White people will never educate your children to feel empowered or to help their people. Their education will only dumb down your children and create an inferiority complex among your children. Get your children out of these schools and bring together the best scholars you have among your people and develop a plan and curriculum for your children. The one thing you must teach your children is who they are and who this white man really is and their relationship with your people and people around the world. Learn your history. Once you know your true history, you will know what it is you must do to overcome white supremacy everywhere, but it won’t be through protesting. B1✊🏿

  6. Those racists thugs could not get away with such negative behaviours in Jamaica.

    CHASED those crazy bald heads out of AFRICA Continent now.

  7. France needs to leave the whole West Africa & their reserves. #NoMore Neocolonialism. Free West Africa from Noecolonizers. Stop sponsoring insurgents in Africa.🇪🇹⚔️🇪🇹

  8. Racism in the schools is symptomatic of the racism that is prevalent throughout the society. As long as the non African population remains there it's difficult to imagine any change.

  9. Hope South Africa does not give away our resources to Morocco and fake Israel (stolen land from the Palestinians) to make their weapons that they will turn and use on us when we no longer want to hop, skip and jump at their demands. These countries do not have the minerals to make these weapons but SA does. When is the ANC and CR going to remove their knees off our necks.
    As for France, may The Most High pour His wrath upon them and deal with them swiftly.

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