January 28, 2023

39 thoughts on “Racist Club in Kenya Finally Closed Down by Government but Kenyans Want More Punishment

  1. I’m in Kenya right now and was at Alchemist on Friday with some Kenyan friends. For perspective I was at melanin club just having a beer by myself when they invited me to hang out with them- I was way too drunk to notice anything at alchemist but I did see something similar at NSK – I walked through the metal detector no problem, but the Kenyan behind me had to submit to questions like “where are you coming from, what are u doing?” I’m a black man from America, I know a thing or too about discrimination, and the shit pisses me off

  2. Glad to see it shut down. I am an American Mzungu married to an awesome Kenyan woman for over 14 years. Kenyans have always welcomed me and treated me like a king when I am here. America ,however really doesnt have a culture of it's own, and typically immigrants who move there bring their own culture with them. For example: Russian American, Mexican American, Ghananian American, and so on. America is more of a corporation than anything, and besides the native Americans who had many tribes like Apache, Commanche, Navajo, etc who could compare with Kenya having Kikuyus, Luo ,Kamba, etc, the whites who settled in what we now know as the United States had forsaken their European languages, and adopted English as their new language, didnt really have much identity other than having "white skin ", with the other europeans who settled with them. This"identity" has been shallow at best. America is having alot of racial tensions now than in previous years because of politics and whites probably wont be the majority for too many years to come. Probably only Russia and Eastern Europe and some others are the only true "white culture" left in the world. Bottom line is racism is something that's taught and it must be dealt with quickly. All of us,black brown, yellow, white, red are made in the image of God and are brothers and sisters. Love one another. Good job Kenya for not tolerating hatred and discrimination.

  3. Only in Africa can whites come in and keep the natives out. This wouldn't happen in Asia or the Middle East, and Europeans sure won't be kept out of any establishments on their own continent smh.

  4. I'm not shocked that racism still exists in the world. What surprises me is that Kenyans have allowed themselves to be mistreated in their own country. 🤔😳 If Europeans tried to come back in and recolonize apparently some Africans will let it happen. 🙄🤦🏾‍♀️

  5. For all of those that keep saying that Mana Africa is FREE, now you see it is not! God has broken the 400 curse, True Freedom is on the way, that is why you see them kicking & screaming! 🙏🏿😘

  6. Really is this happening in Kenya??? in the 21st century, in 2022? I'm surprised that Kenyans didn't protest a long time ago, This would never happen in Jamaica 🇯🇲 and that flimsy apology given by the club is not worth the paper it's written on, 👎while we all can guess the orders to separate queues by race came from higher up. The club should be closed or given such a large fine they would think twice before attempting that again. Happy that the Kenyan Govt acted swiftly 👍but there has been complaints earlier against the club, thanks to social media that went viral they had to act fast.

  7. fuck racism. i wonder what is so special about color. we all go to the toilet and lock the doors because the outcome is disgusting 🤣😂🤣 fuck the Alchemist. we don't want apology. revoke the business permit as well.

  8. What sort of a "BULLSHIT "is that..The Kenyan Goverment have not learned any thing from South Africa.???The non black patron is just as bad …,they should have turned to the doorman and said no you can't separate the customers.We are all the same..How does the Goverment allows such bigotry to be happening in this day and ages..

  9. i hate when the news does that. Stop generalizing. The racist fellow is right there in the video. Don't blame the club, blame the bouncer. Let him take the responsibility for the decision he indulges in. Close in on him and interview him. He's the epicenter of this shenanigans. Just him

  10. Slavery of the Blackman was less fault of the Whitman but more of the desires of the Blackman to worship the other races. How then do you expect the other races to respect you if your way of thinking and behavior relegates you to the bottom of the races? The Blackman is the Blackman’s downfall

  11. Lakini kusema ukweli kenya do worship this jungu,yurugs kwanza hawa luo they call themselves luopean then coast, nairobi and central, kenyans are docile lakini mimi ain't there

  12. The BOUNCERS should be ashamed of themselves, taking such a job that discriminates their own people on the soil of their ancestors. Don´t even get me started with the kenyan government.

  13. This kind of thing burns me up !
    But what burns me up more is the reality that my black native sisters, and brothers on the Continent. Continue to Patron their colonizers, which they should not be doing. Wake Up Africa !

  14. China's clubs will take over and maybe do the same thing; good luck to those who made devil's bargains getting them to treat you like equals in your own country over the next 100-300 years while still allowing Asian and Europeans to treat their people and lands like toilets…

  15. Going on vacation in kenya with my mzungu husband, i was denied entry to a beach hotel and my husband told he's the only one allowed to enter. My husband has no respect for africans

  16. Africans across all of Africa need to understand a lot of things. Racism is systemic and is sponsored by the white imperialist western countries. Racism exists to reinforce the hagemony of the whites and the west is rich and powerful and they manage to keep Africa poor and exploit because 1. The Africans are not united 2. They become naive and innocent and given in to the western imperialist agendas for their short term gains.
    Africa has nothing to lose, they have hardly developed thanks to the exploitation by the westerners and they can start from scratch. Even if the west puts sanctions, stops the miniscule help they do just as a publicity stunt (they exploit far more). Africans need to unite first. Secondly, choose the right partners (Asia, Latin/Central America and other African countries) in trade even if it means lesser profits in the short term. Africans need to learn to protect the sovereignty of their continent. Thirdly, prioritize requirements in this order: healthy food, drinking water, medicines and healthcare, education. Then prioritize basic infrastructure: roads, railways, drainage, fiber optic, electricity, airports. Buy computer chips instead of potato chips and stop doing cash crops and cultivate what you need: fruits, vegetables and cereals. Next, develop a common military alliance and a common basic military infrastructure and a common para-military police force. Keep an eye on spies and organisations (including NGOs) that often try to destabilise the region and keep all foreign forces out of the continent. Learn from Narendra Modi, Xi Jinping, Putin, Miguel-Diaz, Nicolas Maduro and others who despite the bullying of the west, they are protecting their national interests.

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