December 1, 2021

33 thoughts on “Rage of the Nile | Worst-ever flooding brings devastation to Sudan

  1. What real climate justice looks like

    Weather = flash floods β€’ flash fires β€’ flash mobs β€’ flash infections

    Climate = 30 years of it β€’ 66% of humans will live in water stressed areas by 2025

    Earth is warming at 5 nuclear bombs per second = 5X more than 1968 – 1992

    Electricity is 20% of global energy, renewable electricity is 4% of energy, solar & wind electricity is 2% of energy. Fossil fuels are 80% of global energy and have been for 30 years — we have to stop burning 50% in 10 years to survive runaway habitat collapse and hothouse extinction

    40% of the Amazon rainforests are ready to flip to grasslands

    Ice is melting 1 million tons per minute per year

    Abrupt permafrost emissions is now highly likely and not modelled

    4% of mammals are wild and 4% of energy is renewable

    Humans & livestock are 96% of mammals by weight

    Ten thousand years ago we were less than 1%

    50% or trees are gone from 2,000 years ago, most in the last 50 years

    Europe burns 50% of its renewable electricity with forest shipments

    Europe burns 80% of recycled plastic & paper for electricity

    Europe burns 50% of its palm oil shipments in cars & trucks

    It takes tree plantations 30 years to recoup 10% of their carbon offset

    Wildfire suppression cannot be scaled up for future wildfire scenarios

    Trees are growing faster and dying younger

    10 years cutting air pollution in China raised global north temps 0.1 Β°C

    Petrochemical demand grew 7X human population for the last 20 years

    Only 4% of total global energy is renewable 2% is solar and wind

    15% of total global energy will be renewable by 2040

    28% of total global energy will be renewable by 2050

    The first dominoes start tipping over near 1.5 C around 2030

    2020 : Total greenhouse gases up 45% in 30 year

    2020 : Fossil fuels have been 80% of global energy for 30 years

    2020 : 4% of global energy is renewable after 30 years trying

    2020 : Emissions must go down 50% in 10 years to stay under 1.5 Β°C

    2020 : Electricity is 20% of total global energy

    2020 : 2% of global energy is solar and wind after 20 years trying

    2020 : Oncoming water stress threatens 50% of thermal power capacity

    2025 : 66% of the globe will live in water stressed areas

    2030 : Runaway hothouse mass extinction starts at 1.5 Β°C

    97% of great fresh water species gone since 1970 ( Guardian 2019 )

    96% of mammals are livestock and human by weight ( Ecowatch 2018 )

    96% of tigers gone in 100 years ( IFL Science 2019 )

    90% of elephants gone in 100 years ( Hurriet 2019 )

    90% of lions gone in 100 years ( African Impact 2019 )

    90% of Leatherback sea turtles gone since 1980 ( Earth Watch undated )

    90% of Monarch Butterflies gone in 20 years ( Inhabitat 2014 )

    80% of Antarctic Krill gone in 30 years ( Research Gate 2005 )

    77% of Eastern lowland gorillas gone since 1996 ( Treehugger 2020 )

    68% of world’s wildlife has been wiped out since 1970 ( Mongabay 2020 )

    50% of Marine vertebrates gone since 1970 ( WWF 2015 )

    50% of Great Barrier Reef gone since 1985 ( Live Science 2012 )

    40% of Giraffes gone since 1990 ( NRDC 2019 )

    40% less insects in next 30 years ( PNAS 2019 )

    4% of mammals are wildlife ( Vegan News 2020 )

    700 Marine Species Might Go Extinct Because of Plastic ( Green Planet 2019 )

    500 vertebrate species of less than 1,000 individuals ( PNAS 2020 )

    500 species of animal have gone extinct since 1900 ( RD 2019 )

    I am not eco-socialist and believe in a private carbon UBI paid monthly

    No corporation or government is going to give you a private carbon UBI

    The war of rich socialists on rich capitalists is 100 years old

    It never ends, we got 10 years to deal with reality not ideology

    Global social justice takes 40 years, monetary justice takes 40 weeks

    Private carbon dividends go straight from the rich to the poor, with absolutely no share for governments and corporations, that's why governments and corporations hate it. It doesn't matter what kind of government, whether socialist or capitalist — they all hate it. Rich communists, rich capitalists — doesn't matter

    26 Nobel Prize winning economists support James Hansen's monthly dividends, including: 3,589 U.S. Economists, 4 Former Chairs of the Federal Reserve and ALL 15 Former Chairs of the Council of Economic Advisers


    Dr James Hansen: Oh, Canada! Show the world the path to carbon fee and dividend

    – James Hansen May 7, 2020

    detailed at Loki's Revenge blog on wordpress

    You can can also find a vast research library on how pollution is affecting women and kids


  2. The Hypnotize box The rats πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€ the was in the Christopher Columbus boats β›΅β›΅β›΅ just started jumping out
    the boats
    are going down in the ocean forever
    Good bye world corrupters
    The Corruption in America was coming from far away from the other side of the ocean
    The British πŸ‘‘
    The Spanish πŸ‘‘
    The Vatican a Corrupters country inside other country in Rome Italy
    All Im Europe πŸ’Ά
    The time
    is over world corrupters politics around the world controlled by King's and Queen's
    God bless social media for showing us the other face of the reality
    Never again fake News providers


  4. Biden went to the doctor recently because he swallowed the game scramble tiles. Biden asked, β€œIs this serious?” The doc responded, β€œNot really, but be careful when you go to the restroom because it could spell disaster!”

  5. I'm thinking about construction equipment, fuel and parts. Wonder how much it would cost to raise land for

    habitable areas in this country? Millions? Billions? Free with robots someday?

  6. We as people we are the ..real heroes we have fight for our freedom
    we as people
    We are the heroes people and we always going to come back
    The fake News been lying to us
    And they will regret for choice the …….wrong side
    Music sports Atlantic don't be quiet as a rock talk puppets of the world Corruption

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