September 21, 2021

48 thoughts on “Rain Rain And More Rain In The Gambia

  1. You are wishing for rainy season? I will ask you this question again on October 31, 2021. Hope you have a 4 WD. D Brown said" Rain, showers of blessing, Rain, heavenly blessing. Peace.

  2. How boring it must be To live in the Gambia as a youtuber. I think every YouTuber that lives in the Gambia has a video about the rain. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. I live in Portland Oregon I think I'll do a video about the rain next time it rains…..🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. Family!! Wow!! The rain had a rhythm to it. Like it was falling with a serious purpose. Are you guys harvesting the rain water? Hey Queen Jodi!

  4. Seem like a nice cozy time if you're round the right people. I wonder if this is the Chinese messing with the environment/cutting trees etc? Has it always been like this. People should find out

  5. ‘The smell of rain’ in Zimbabwe and Botswana was wonderful. It can be scary too. Hailstones that damaged trees and houses. Rain means life. In Botswana the slogan is Pula/Rain and people answer ‘let it rain’.

    Rain is so heavy it can destroy the earth and wash away top soil and cause erosion. I do love rain still.

  6. ….. greetings from Ghana! It's rainy season in Ghana too and it started late as well. Got on my site boots and people look pan me as if to say… a wah di… a woman inna site boots!! 😆🇬🇭…. been following your journey from Jamaica. Give thanks!

  7. Since visiting The Gambia since, 2003 I’ve experienced one rainy season. What an experience, I had wellingtons and a wet suit though. I got caught one day in Serrekunda and could not get out because of the flooding. I remember saying to a taxi driver, I will pay you anything to get me out of there. He drove his taxi through the deep water and got out. It was funny, 😀😀😀😀😀 Gambia is blessed because of the rain and the sun. One needs the others. Rise Up yourselves, I enjoy watching your vibrant vibrations. You are an inspiration to many. Drink plenty moringa tea as a malaria prevention. Blacknificent ✊🏿 may our Ancestors continue to guide and protect you both along the way. 🙏

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