March 27, 2023
Randall Calls Out Kate Over Black Lives Matter - This Is Us

46 thoughts on “Randall Calls Out Kate Over Black Lives Matter – This Is Us

  1. It’s interesting rewatching this scene 1 yr later. At first I thought he was simply talking about his experience of being a black child in all white family, but it’s much deeper. His remark about making things better for her was not just a remark on BLM, it was also about his role in this family. His role has been/is to be the one to “make things right”, to “make others feel better”, but in the end all he’s done is shove down his own needs/feelings and it’s left him feeling exhausted. Both Kate & Kevin were counting on Randall to fix things and repair the family dynamic. This time he said no, it’s not his job to make her and the family feel better.

  2. Here’s the problem I have with this scene, which is 💯 an accurate portrayal. I get what he’s saying absolutely, but I think most people want to learn and try to be allies not because of “white savior” or “guilt” but because we are human. For me, how can I help or understand if “it’s not about us”? I realize it’s not about us I’m listening I hear the pain and hurt of a community but I’m ready to hear how can make change and create an equal society. What are the steps we need to take? I wish instead of silencing others, there could be a dialogue. Regardless of how uncomfortable it is.

  3. I don't see color. I never have. I see a brother and sister. There should of never been one kill or one piece of hate to one person. I wish that hate never existed ever.

  4. Funny thing is you should never want to be or claim to be Switzerland in WW2. They sucked too. Neutrality means siding with the winner.

  5. This show rocked until it became a political podium. I quit watching…SAD that everything has to divide us. In this scene his sister reaches out to him but he just white shames her… and now BLM h been exposed fpe what it is .

  6. So, I'm a white guy. Is there any right thing to say? It seems like when you get in these conversations, it's hopeless. I've not watched the show, but I have seen multiple clips, so there's likely context I've not seen here. But it seems like no matter what a white person may say to a black person in these situations, it can just be turned around on the white person, in a "you just don't get it, do you" way. Should we be colorblind, or not? I mean, personally, I wouldn't make a big deal out of a person's race. But it seems like we're screwed no matter what we say in these situations 😬

  7. This is so ridiculous. I'm a black woman and BLM is a joke. Most black people didnt even protest before George Floyd so how does this Randall get off saying he always felt targeted. News Flash, I'll never know what it feels like to be a white man and a white girl will never know what it feels like to be a black man. That does not make me or anyone else ignorant. You don't have to school us. Just live your life!

  8. I believe characters like Randall are true to themselves outside of the camera which what makes a great actor or actress.. I would love to meet him

  9. I appreciate this scene. Their parents were no doubt good people. Their mom putting down her foot with her racist mom and recognizing that she needed to communicate with black mothers is great.

    But still, they failed to discuss as a family these issues, and this is how we end up with a situation like this. Had it been discussed, Kate would not be like this. She would maybe not be AS exhausted, but she would be exhausted as well, because she would have known and see it for a long time.

    She just didn’t and that’s why it feels different, when it’s not.

  10. Don’t come for me, I haven’t even seen this show so I have no context about this scene, other than what’s actually going on in the U.S. How was she supposed to know what he was going through is he wouldn’t talk to her about it? Did she witness anything? I know I grew up not knowing the world was like this. Does my ignorance make me a guilty party?

  11. I'm a black guy, in my 40's, and my wife and I LOVE "This Is Us", but… this scene sucked and in my opinion the writers did Jack Pearson a severe disservice.

    You mean to tell me Jack Pearson, the white father who adopted a black son and the sought out a all-black Karate dojo when he noticed his black son needed some strong black… MALE influences in his life, was the head of a family that never talked about "the things that's been happening to black people" growing up?

    Give me a break. The mere thought that they wouldn't have is laughable.

    Someone #RiddleMeThat

  12. Did they actually make a black lives matter political point and a show?. I would never watch this show now. Pushing political views is not the reason I watch TV

  13. I'm sorry but this is why I will not have thr race convo with wyte people….I will not they know exactly wtf it is….I'm tired asf that non blk people think it's my communities job to teach people who are not blk how to not be racist…..smh it's not are responsible..this also another reason why I hate to hear non blk people call us racist cause we want to stay among our community..its less stress 80% of the time…we are fcking tired

  14. Of course NBC would post this. They will do anything to take the side of a group that burns buildings, attacks LE, mass shoplifting..

  15. There's some tension & hostility in this comments section. I want to try & clear the air. Randall shared his perspective honestly & quite courageously. Kate acknowledged & respected this. No singular person is being blamed here. Randall is just stating the fact that he has always provided empathy & comfort to his sister & she is attempting to return the favor but there is no way for her to provide comfort. There is nothing any one person can do to stop prejudice & brutality. And there is no way to really understand pain that has never affected you or those within your racial/cultural group (though we can all sympathize & have compassion). This is not a talk of blame but rather one of truth.

  16. Soooooooooooooooooooooo stupid!!! Can we talk about the mansions the founders got and how not one cent ever went to communities! Hey bud Kate didnt do anything and owes you no sympathy!!!get over yourself!

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