October 19, 2021

7 thoughts on “RANT: Blaqueindigo & the Black Consciousness Community PT. 1 & 2 Combined

  1. I agree with you . we must support each other even churches that exclude certain groups are no different than a hate group in itself. Same for us as a people.. we need to stop dividing over petty things and stop falling prey to world riches, too much pride, and stupidity, and judgment.only then will the chains of slave mentality and demonic bonds be broken.

  2. Malcolm X is one of the first books I've read as well. His life was amazing, because he continued to evolve up until his death. Life is a work in progress. When we start to say that we have it in a bottle, we fail. Through all of lifes trials, we should be getting closer to feeling the HUMAN condition. Humanity is not restrictive.

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