June 10, 2023
Raskin RIPS MAGA Lackey For His Blatant Hypocrisy

40 thoughts on “Raskin RIPS MAGA Lackey For His Blatant Hypocrisy

  1. I love him because he ALWAYS makes the points I scream at my screens but no one else seems to be making. I have been talking about the coordinated efforts to infiltrate, harass, and destroy private citizens during civil rights movement and how they didn’t care about FBI corruption during all of those years – including the assassination of JFK and RFK. But now they are falsifying corruption and weakening what ACTUAL corruption is and has been with these ridiculous charges which have produced no evidence that the side they are TRYING to accuse is the one doing it, while IGNORING the government official who actually engaged in the behavior they are denouncing.

    Kind of like how they ignored the relatives very clearly enriching themselves while working in the WH under Trump but are suddenly so concerned with the non evidence-based smokescreens they conjured up of Hunter Biden. They are concerned with a NON-GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL who MAY (according to them) have been selling access to his father. No evidence. Just throwing out the question and dragging it on long enough to make people believe there is smoke there while ignoring the actual fires that existed throughout Trump’s candidacy and Presidency.

    They complain about being “cancelled” while being the ones ACTUALLY cancelling everyone, including pregnant women & LGBTQ+.

    They complain about free speech while banning books and dictating the telling of black history and anything they don’t like.

    Kind of like how they are for law and order except when legal search warrants are served against them, or when they get subpoenas, or when they get investigated or indicted. Then it isn’t “comply and fight in court,” it is time to burn the country down rather than have to be accountable to the same laws as the brown and poor people. Oh no, that just won’t do. Don’t you know we make the laws, we don’t have to live by them? 🙄

    These people literally just accuse liberals of doing what they are doing and they think moderates and independents (who they need to win over) aren’t seeing their blatant hypocrisy and games? They are.

  2. Jamie Raskin 2028!! I absolutely love him. All the old line, don't say anything negative about another lying politician regardless of party lest it be returned should listen and learn. No more mamby party Mr. nice guy BS. Take the gloves off and punch back hard.

  3. Jamie Raskin is a hero for the modern age. He fights the lies and misinformation of the Party of Evil all the while fighting cancer. I would love to see Mr. Raskin become president.

  4. Remember Jamie is undergoing treatment for cancer. It appears one of the side effects from treatment is inner strength. This man is unstoppable. This man is on fire:)

  5. Jamie Raskin has become my hero
    A member of Congress who not only speaks the unadulterated truth, but relentlessly points out the ridiculous bullshit and absolute fabrications constantly spewed from the mouths of right wing rethuglicans
    I pray that he beats the cancer- but kinda hope he keeps the bandana

  6. It is so embarrassing hearing the ignorant fascist from Kentucky, Thomas Massie. His constituents are poor, use federal benefits to survive (there’s nothing wrong with this) and they have no employment opportunities, yet their State or Federal representative do absolutely nothing to bring jobs, educate or care about them.

  7. Never been political before Trump. If I can see this corruption, anyone could, inside my own government, sad sad sad. People have died for our country. From my perspective the whole Republican party is corrupted. Who knows how long it has been? but it is now! People in power are the ones who could fix it, possibly? Hopefully. Idk.

  8. Cummings got a day McCain got a day Rumsfield got a day Bush got a day Governor of Jerusalem Pontus Pilate got a day what did you do with it? Figure it out understand?

  9. Foreskin is a liar and only votes to save face. Everything was a conspiracy theory but they always end up true. Everyone knows the voting was hacked and alot of illegal voting took place in the name of covid, along with interference from fbi, Twitter, dnc and more

  10. Raskin take the rag off your head so you can let everyone knows what your going through many people sre going through snd not brining attention

  11. Are Texans really stupid enough to support Trump at this juncture. Maybe , maybe not.
    Will Trump pay the bill owed to Waco and Texas police and security made necessary by his rampant criminal behavior?
    History suggests he will not.

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