October 6, 2023
RE: Sara Suten Seti, Polight, Black Hebrew Israelites, Sa Neter, Nation of Islam

“General” Seti, Polight, , — too many of you guys are around for no one to really be stepping to the “White Man” for his injustices. Maybe you guys are too busy enjoying the luxury of the American dream that you’ve forgotten the true cause?


12 thoughts on “RE: Sara Suten Seti, Polight, Black Hebrew Israelites, Sa Neter, Nation of Islam

  1. You have every right to not like the people that represent certain causes.but the gods word holds true.what are you ganna do when China goes to war with American then Russia steps in to set of world war 3 with nuclear destruction to America as the scriptures say in the kjv 1611 bible.thats a future prophecy that Israelites have been speaking about since the 80's.so when that happens on the news I wish I could see the astonishment on your face when you realize the scriptures aren't a fairy tail.I've been in this truth for 23 years.so please write me back with any prophecy that you think didn't come true in the bible.because you really don't believe in the bible is because of wicked men not because of the word.the scriptures say rather to obey god rather than man.all the black equality, money and unity is in the bible!But madly not applied.I've been analyzing you since the days you been getting at gms's wicked camp.i just would like to no what in the bible's not true,or what prophecy didn't come to pass.

  2. Lol… You know damn well that SETI and the rest of these clowns are not real at all.. They're a bunch of actors.. I guarantee all of these guys you called out response to this video will be that you're an agent provocateur… That's the new excuse these clowns use so that they don't have to get their hands dirty.. Their only interest is spewing more rhetoric to get black people riled up so that the black sheeple will give these actors money for tithes, lectures, and DVDs.., it's all entertainment.

  3. I agree bra we as a people find reasons to come against each other and embrace drama it is endless. Most of these brothers who call themselves leaders or revolutionaries are not for the people anymore it's about being a glutinous social media celebrity. I do understand your point about forming up and unite but first we have to kill the ego deep within and learn how to love like Che Guvera said and taugh when u have love for others then u learn to have a love for justice. The root of revolution is love and I don't see it in none of these pro black internet clicks none at all it's just all out madness. There are only a few people on the internet I believe who are doing real life activist work the NMP (I'm a member) Nazarene Messianic Party and u brothers at RAM from what I have seen on your platform. One question are you guys only for black liberation? Or liberation for all humanity? I believe classism is far much more worst and poverty don't discriminate it affects all. Peace

  4. count me in dis straight to the point our conditions are speaking louder than us action speak louder than words I am in no more time for distraxions……..the re volt ion

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