September 20, 2021

22 thoughts on “Re: There is no black community or consciousness

  1. those men u mentioned are not you. bm aren't fighting now. your doing nothing. protesting is nothing but surrendering to the enemy. they come with guns while bm come with their hands raised to the sky.

    fight. v- to engage in battle or in single combat; attempt to defend oneself against or to subdue, defeat, or destroy an adversary.

    lets not get the word twisted now. no bm is fighting ws.

    as far as women not doing anything, what exactly should we do?

    Don't ya'll complain about us being angry and too aggressive, not feminine enough.

    which one is it, do you want us to fight or be feminine?
    I've seen videos of bw fighting cops, and some bm have shown their disgust for that behavior.

    cyn g clearly stated that no war is fought or led by women, but now u want us to not only give birth, raise kids and put on combat boots and kill our enemies.


  2. Much of your analysis of history and what Cyn actually said about herself is a bit specious. She said she was reevaluating whether it's worth it from the perspective of her own fulfillment, never claiming to be leading a struggle.

  3. +New Possibilities At first I was empathetic with Cynthia at first, but I have to say that you are on point with this commentary. YouTube does not matter in the bigger scheme of things. If YouTube beef factors into someone's life that much, then I have to side-eye that person's true commitment to the cause to which they subscribe.

  4. There's nothing wrong with sitting in front of a camera. NP is correct it's not really fighting White Supremacy but it is providing your flavor of propaganda and narrative. This form of media is the most powerful form of communication in existence today. There's a reason why 90% of major media is owned by just 6 companies.

    The important part for YT'ers is picking good topics. We really don't need 5-part series on interracial dating. We need good discourse on the reasons why interracial dating happens in frequency. We need understanding not rants.

  5. Cyn G should spend the summer traveling to various Hoods around the country, meet people in the struggle and see the struggle of black people, and then start doing videos again in the Fall. That would give her a fresh perspective and a more authentic approach!

  6. as-salaam wa alaikum, New Possibilities. I just want to say thank you for this one. This is the best video I've seen in so long, brother. I think of most of Black "pro-black" YouTubers as members of the Black Frustration Industry. They're not really here to inform the people and either building links off line or encouraging others to do so. They're here for money, or adulation or something else that cannot be sustained when they're not getting it. Note the continued production of work for those who are paying Cyn as I think that's of paramount importance to discovering her motive behind doing what she does. Also note the lack of solutions to these issues that don't involve continuing to tear down or further ostracize people who already, whether they are willing to admit it or not, have an entire system set against them. This is an issue that needs addressing. How do we exhort to better action, without diminishing the essential humanity of people? May God help us all to find the answer to this question.

    There are so many areas to combat Whiteism that are available that we never lack for places to stand and fight. Of all of the issues to address (lack of capital, violations of human rights, lack of collective autonomy, internal division among lines of color, religion, etc.) who someone is having sex with, while definitely important, is not the overarching major issue some of these rabid anti-IR, anti-swirling, anti-homo ranters make it. I have my own personal issues with various things we might do as a people and people have their issues with me, as it was your channel where I brought out a major negative of my own (if you remember). However, my criticism of the Black collective will never outweigh what I seek to contribute TO the Black collective. I don't hate pale people, although one could be excused by some of my more heated rhetoric in thinking I do, but I consistently seek to discover the means to destroy the systems, institutions, policies, procedures, and methods of Whiteism, and I'm committed to fighting against its adherents/acolytes.

    Many people disagree with some of my more strident stances (including you sometimes) and that's okay. However, I LOVE our people and I want nothing more than to be a propagandist and a fighter for Black us. Sharing information, providing inspiration, and working with every Black person I can get in contact with is my only goal. This is why even when I'm attacked, trolled, denigrated, or demeaned, it means nothing to me. Love doesn't waver. I've had personal tragedies and so on and still I don't waver in doing what I do. Forget trolls, forget personal attacks, or whatever. I count myself lucky that so far these are the only costs I pay for speaking up. Thank you again, dear brother, for this response.

  7. NP,OK if you believe that what she does, doesn't constitute fighting white supremacy as you stated in the beginning, then why should she continue,I think you should consider that Cyn g,was raised in a predominantly white area,which I believe did not prepare for the hate and judgment that would come from other blacks especially men and women she considered herself trying to help through awareness,next,lots of people especially women are really confused and hurt by the vile,weak,argumentative nature of black men on here,MEN ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE THIS ARGUMENTATIVE, IT'S VERY CONFUSING TO HEAR MEN BEHAVE IN THIS WAY AND IN FACT HAS, COMPLETELY REMOVED BLACK MEN FROM THEIR DATING CHOICES ,that is WHY it is IMPERATIVE THAT BLACK MEN WHO DO NOT FEEL THIS WAY MAKE THEIR VOICES HEARD,THEY ARE DROWNING YOU GUYS OUT ,ALMOST "COMPLETEL",this is abusive behavior and would be to me considered self genocide by these selfhating individuals,which just makes some who are making their decisions based on emotional feelings feel extremely defeated,next, on the interacial dating aspect I too believe she emphasizes on it WAY TOO MUCH,IT IS AN ISSUE,especially WHEN YOU CONSIDER, that black women outnumber black men 1 to 7 ,she does advocate marrying other races THO, just not White or Asian,I believe that sometimes HER PERSONAL relationships with black men present or currently tends to get her fired up,she seems to be coming FROM A direct PLACE,a place of hurt, frustration,desperation, especially since Seattle is known to be a huge swirling state,with almost all the black men there opting to date non-black woman,which puts black women in a awkward position,and questions the loyalty ,you have that's not being reciprocated, I'm sure that's why her siblings were engaged in interacial relationships themselves,next on her taking photos interacting with white,people,which to me you came off extremely biased,because not ONLY IS THERE IMAGES OF HER WITH WHITE MEN BUT WHITE WOMEN AS well,WHY POINT OUT THE ONES WITH white MEN BUT NOT white WOMEN,YOU MIGHT WANT TO THINK ABOUT YOUR REASONING FOR THAT,first off if you live and work in a community you will form relationships with some of those people once you see that maybe they know your stance on certain issues and respect and appear to agree,it does happen,also she DID SAY SEVERAL TIMES, that those pictures are from the PAST and she WAS NOT as aware then,about white supremacy and it's interworkings, before working in the CORPORATE WORLD which she said awakened her to change multiple views she had regarding white people,and white supremacy,ok,on the hair and makeup, this is absolutely ridiculously misunderstood by men,who should stay out of women beauty regimens,it's extremely awkward,men concerning themselves with such things need to have their heads examined,I do realize that certain looks seem to fit with certain lifestyle choices,but come on guys,why to you guys does it appear TO YOU that her hair is aiming to resemble WHITE WOMEN,WHEN WE ALL KNOW THAT, NATIVE AMERICAN, HISPANIC ,ASIAN,WOMEN HAVE SIMILAR HAIR TO HER HAIRSTYLE ,IT SEEMS TO ME YOU GUYS WHO THINK WHITE FIRST, IT'S INDICATIVE,OF HOW ENTRENCHED WHITE SUPREMACY LIVES WITHIN SOME OF US FOR REAL, THINK ABOUT IT I'M NATURAL AND HAVE BEEN FOR OVER 3 Yrs,I LOVE IT,it fits my lifestyle,and what I WANT TO LOOK LIKE,when I LOOK IN THE MIRROR,I DO NOT JUDGE MEN BASED ON THE WAY THEY DRESS TO FEEL MOST COMFORTABLE, IT'S THEIR CHOICE,NOT MINE,should black men who manipulate the texture of their hair with wave caps and brushes,be told that they are trying to look more HISPANIC or, Notice even tho,I expressed the manipulation of the hair texture I did not automatically jump to YOUR TRYING TO LOOK WHITE,I said Hispanic,and could have said Ethiopian etc,PLEASE BLACK PEOPLE,CHECK THE WHITE SUPREMACY THAT DWELLS,DEEP, INSIDE OF SOME OF YOU,ok the patreon,I completely agree I must admit I felt the same way,UNTIL I LOOKED AT THE BIGGER PICTURE, CYN,HAS EXPOSED AND RISKED HER CHANCES FOR MAKING MONEY,IN THE FIELD SHE USED TO,IN THE MEANTIME "BILLS" MUST BE PAID,SHE FOOLISHLY QUIT HER REAL JOB,INN HOPES SHE WOULD BE SUPPORTED FINANCIAL LY FOR AN EXTENDED AMOUNT OF TIME SO,HOW WOULD YOU SUGGEST SHE PAYS HER BILLS,ESPECIALLY SINCE SHE BASICALLY GAVE UP HER POWER,BY SHOWING HER FACE,Cyn seems to have been let down by black men including her father time and time again,I DO SEE WHY HER FRUSTRATION LEVEL IS AT AN ALL TIME HIGH,their are now even OTHER BLACK WOMEN, APPLAUDING THIS SISTERS DOWNFALL, YOU HAVE TO AGREE THE BLACK COLLECTIVE SEEMS TO BE LOST IN THEIR ANGER, WHICH MAKES THE OPPRESSORS,JOB MUCH EASIER.

  8. I really don't know this Cynthia G and unlike many don't care what vessel truth & justice decides 2 reside in but since most base their support due 2 race pride then a woman who is or involved in a romance with a member of the oppressive race while making her face up gives many a legit reason they feel 2 reject truth. Since she isn't a leader wanna bee ? She can be who she is,however those who make such claim must be held 2 a higher criteria as advocating romance with Pinks is detrimental as well as making it seem looking like Pinks is okay as thou something is wrong with dark skin beauty in a natural state.

  9. Asalaam Alaikum! This is such a VITALLY POWERFUL REASON RESPONSE. Beloved Brother? May I upload this share onto my channel? I await your response and accept you as the BEST determiner of what's BEST for U.

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