September 16, 2021

32 thoughts on “REAL COST TO MOVE TO AFRICA (My budget @zandelasecka)

  1. I am moving to the Gambia to join my fiance' after 2 years planning but in an economical sense people can live comfortably without all the add ons.
    If many are in the position to where they can afford nails, hair, weekly visits the salon and shopping malls wonderful but many just want a comfortable life that is peaceful.
    Thank God I am my own hair dresser, nail salon, cook, pedicure, baker, jewelry maker, family planner and more.

  2. I’m so inspired by what you’re doing. We are the same, very meticulous. I cannot do things spontaneously and I appreciate how much effort you’ve put into organizing this information. I also love how you shout out other Youtubers in your details section. Stay blessed.

  3. I’m a detailed person like you sis. I love how detailed you get and actual show your subs what your doing step-by-step. When I do training or teaching someone that’s how I do it too. You have gained a new sub! I’m in America btw. Looking forward to visiting Gambia as soon as things open back up.

  4. I’m a Gambian but I felt very bad when you mentioned “alien card” Every Black person who’s willing to return should be granted automatic citizenship. I hope next government will change things. Welcome back Dear Sistah.

  5. Hi, how old are your children ? What are the British regulations as to take your children abroad (education). I am planning to move to Senegal with my 11 and 14 years old children.

  6. How about medical insurance expense? Is the Gambia medical system pay as you go? Explain the quality of medical in Gambia, thank you for the information…

  7. One thing that bothers me in the U.S as a business owner is the amount of taxation I'm subject to. How much tax does the Gambian government charges business owners and entrepreneurs ? The U.S takes damn near half of all my earnings lol

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