December 1, 2021

49 thoughts on “Realities of Repatriation: Did I Go Back to Atlanta?

  1. They need to clean that shhh up over there …all them ppl and nobody can come up with a Any way to make water 🚿 run threw the town😬 that shhh embarrassing too ,the filth ,the streets the killings they sad af…yea I said it

  2. Art is true you should be a comedian as you make me laugh the way you say things. You should come to Lagos, Nigeria you will make a mint.
    With the food and comedy and it would be something different . Have the tone of the late Lucille Ball and Joan Rivers.

  3. Cathey use broadband in Africa , wifi will always go out…I'm a stock Market day trader and I'm in Liberia from DC and I have my internet connection setup like I'm running a internet Cafe with boardband so each of us in the compound actually plug into the modem with Ethernet cords…Wifi won't work for me…but boardband is expensive cost me $200usd but I can work…its Important to get that US type of pay check while living on the Continent

  4. Cathey do 8 months to 4 months I been in Africa 11yrs and I'm able to do so because I do 4 months back in the states every yr…Rainy season which is summer in the states so it gives me a much needed refresher

  5. Whew. Tough talk and a mouth-full BUT I like it! and I LUV how you responded to the HATERS and LOATHESOME SOB w/o naming the names. Very, very, very proud of YOU – Yes Momma and I agree w/your comments abt South Africa. Keep up the good work. Sometimes the truth hurts like hell and the package is not always what everyone wants but honey don't stop! FYI, I'm familiar w/Num Num Sauce. I bought it at WF in Atl. Very good going to order a few bottles now. Thxs and on Code!

  6. Girl you bugging…all of South Africa ain't Capetown. Black folx is in Jo'Burg, it reminded me of Brooklyn and Brixton in London. Loved it. Conscious, woke, stylish, sexy. Had an amazing time with the people.

  7. Well Art…you won me over again. Your transparency is humbling. Thank you for taking this time away and digging deeper within yourself. You evolve quick… that's what a good friend of mine told me. I see myself in you. Grace. Mercy. Forgiveness and Growth.

  8. This is why I *ucks with Art!! She keep it real and tells the truth now everybody big mad. I aint trying to link up with nobody who love their oppressor and still trying to swirl and save massa. 99% of the people mad and talking ish aint even gonna leave the US they just hating cuz they aint got the balls to make that move

  9. I'm married to a man from the continent. He's been here in states over 20 years we've been together a long time and share kids. He even agrees with you so that tells me you not lying. When I told him we should consider going to his home country, he looks at me in disbelief and says it's not what I think. He doesn't want to go to live only to visit family and that's it. He said maybe retire there in old age and have usd income. But all the repartriating videos look like paradise. It's so confusing.

  10. I found your channel because a few were complaining about you on other channels in the comment section. So I looked you up. I don't see anything negative about you. You're just being honest. Although I love everyone videos about repartriating, majority of the videos I've seen about repartriating show everyone living in paradise, but they're not explaining how they are able to do that on the continent. I want to see videos where we in the diaspora can get help on how to make money and have stable income.

  11. Art with Africa the problem is the government number one if the government wasn't so crooked and which is so sad because it's our own people that have still kept that country in a third-world mindset now I have said this before I have travelled to Africa in the 90s of travel to seven more other countries and I've seen the difference between America and these other countries but what I want many to understand because with those countries abroad like Africa you can always be overthrow and that is the issue at any time they could be overthrown and there will be nothing you really to do and that's the sad part so I know moving to Africa is taking a big risk you think about Rwanda you think about Burundi a lot of these places have just gotten free from colonization and that's why the struggle of developing them is hard because they have that mental mindset and so now like people from other countries are going over there and helping them build or taking what they have and profiting off of them and this is a fact some of them like living the way they do because it's comfortable just like here in America where I got cousins who choose to be broke and poor and Section 8 and get an SSI check and food stamps and you got those who over there who don't want anything either so sometimes you have to show people something better and those will eat it and those who throw it away

  12. I love myself over and you are weird it well I have so much silver blinging but I'm a older person so I like the bling and shine so I'm going to have to make some adjustments a little bit but I got to bring the blame playing with me too

  13. That's the revelation for the African American man. Realizing that you want a slightly NICER African American woman but you don't want 3rd world submissiveness. Because the conditions that produce that are conditions that break the mind. A driven black woman is a beautiful thing. That might not be #1 on a man's list but it should be on his list. Top 5 or 10.

  14. I heard A.A & African people being upset with this woman named Art Cathey.
    But seeing this video I instantly understand why
    Art Cathey is speaking nothing but facts.
    It is the same way in my motherland
    But you are not allowed to talk about it.
    Then you own people go crazy

  15. Cathey please stay on this healing course.Healing is painful like hell, the anger is REAL, own it! Breathe! Meditate on what is possible! Stay on purpose! I learned a long time ago preaching to people never helps..Invite folks and continue to tell them the reality on the ground!

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