June 8, 2023
Recognizing How the Ancestors are Working Through You! #Ancestors #Repatriation #Ghana #AnjaAfreeca

Recognizing How the are Working Through You and how to stay on course. Identifying ‘black flags’ and doing your part to make the journey to Africa. I tried to load this video so many times in Ghana(Accra and kimasi) and when I shared with Chief Anan he told me it wasn’t time because my journey wasnt over. Now that I am back in the U.S. I hope it will inspire others.


14 thoughts on “Recognizing How the Ancestors are Working Through You! #Ancestors #Repatriation #Ghana #AnjaAfreeca

  1. If anyone saying only the good ones should come to Africa, you are the type they referring to, your videos are full of positive energy as far as Africa is concerned……me being From The Gambia you always inspire me and I appreciate that. Wishing you best and a smooth transition and a wonderful life in the motherland ✊🏿✌🏿🙏🏿

  2. That whimsical smile when you mentioned Ammon leading his family someday, but for now he's only 18. It was that "…that girl won't get my baby for a while yet" look😆The work of ancestors guiding/directing connections is beautifully orchestrated

  3. Love it Sis ! Be Still your soul to embrace the simplistic whispers that are sending Wisdom ,Grace Love,Enlightenment an abundance of support . Those who are tied to your lineage. Imagine being a strong warrior finding your self in bondage. Oh SHOOT we don't have to imagine it we wake up to it. The entrapment is not physical but mental. The African American . PEACE AND BLESSINGS ALWAYS

  4. Sister, I like the fact that you put a disclaimer out there, that you are not the most spiritual person. Perhaps you should start a TRUE spiritual journey by seeking your LORD, through the straight path. The talk of your ancestors having your back, is truly not so.Your ancestors were not in control of their fate, so how can they control you? What about the LORD of your ancestors, who created them and took their souls?Hopefully this will become clear to you when you return from the wilderness, and you will get to know the LORD of your ancestors.

  5. B.A.G. brought me here but your inviting spirit, genuineness, sincerity and insight causes me to return. ( in addition to your being so ORGANICALLY beatiful…sheesh…lol) I am in the process of making that transition to the continent like so many others and find yours and other channels so informative and helpful. I cant believe you are unwed with your being so spiritually mature/aware physically attractive and a domestic engineer on top of it all??( thats a 3T In my book, triple threat…lol) Anyway, platitudes aside May God( most high, ancestors etc) continue to bless you and brother Ahmad on your journey and goal accomplishment . Looking forward to future post and more insight. Thank you, sister.

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