September 20, 2021

21 thoughts on “Red Pill goes in on Branding Current Events and Black Consciousness Part 2

  1. and this is the thing also because when we talked about supporting each other's business how do we do it I know exactly what needs to be done but as far as giving other so-called black people money Fiat note is not what we need to do but what we should do is set up charitable trust has sponsorship trust where we can transfer assets to one another and keep it in our community the same way that the Europeans been doing for a very long time I always said if you want understand your enemy you study your enemy

  2. A True Soldier of Truth was assassinated for preparing a Documentary on our beloved Dr.Sebi and the the legacy Dr. Sebi left for our healing our escape from the oppression of the pharmaceutical medical death machine controlling our lives. Dr. Sebi open the door to the African Bio-mineral Balance and organic natural vegetation cell food protocols.

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