October 21, 2021

28 thoughts on “Reflections on Moving to Kenya from America (1.5 Years Later) | IJEOMA KOLA

  1. Wow. Thank you for sharing your experience. It was interesting when you shared about your parents being strict, but not oppresively so. That's something I was also reflecting on this past week

  2. I'm Kenyan but lived most of my life in the UK. Im currently in Kenya, single mum and contemplating moving back to the UK. I 100% understand adjustment because I'm still trying to adjust 🤣🤣🤣. I'm what they call a "3rd culture kid" so its definitely hard to adjust. Now that I am a parent, I'm thinking from the perspective "what's best for my son". The plandemic hasn't helped matters but we'll see what happens in the next few months.

  3. Sorry sis there’s a ton wrong with being bougie. It’s a form of neurosis that those that have or who want to have a lot call “standards”.
    Having said that, you aint that bad. You’re just eurocentric and are coming to terms with it.

  4. An idea, you can start an Igbo basics class for anyone ie expats preparing to move to Igbo speaking region of Nigeria to ease their intergration and acceptance though English is widely spoken, or for Kenyan born igbo kids. 🥸😂🤣

  5. I'm glad you let go of your inner-American and I'm American black male. I try to tell people this who go out of country for awhile. The faster people do this, the easier it is. Pretty much everybody moves slow to Americans and you need to take several deep breaths for patience. Glad you have found your peace and it will get better. Oh boy you gonna be in shock when you come back tho lol

  6. It’s definitely an adjustment. I moved to Italy 3 years ago. I’m returning to the US soon because Italy keeps locking down the country and we are over it. I’m used to it now, but it was a definitely an adjustment period. I wouldn’t pay attention to comments from ppl who has never tried to live in another culture.

  7. Am from kayole and i moved to rongai and i love the people of rongai coz they are friendly but the problem is that i can't understand their language but slowly am learning like yesterday i learned few words like:- mambo
    Jambo kenya
    Unachoma jo.

  8. You dont owe anyone an explanation about why its difficult to acclimatise and integrate. A Kenyan would feel the same way moving to Nigeria or America. I'm Kenyan so I know.

  9. We see the growth! Your energy was great in this video too. I think people were rubbed the wrong way by the tone in that first video. Thanks for explaining more about where you were in that video with all the different transitions and adjustments.

  10. I live in the US all my life worked in about 30 states. I don't know why people think America is heaven. it has the most homeless people in the world for a country that's not at war. should not be that hard to adjust to a country like Kenya.

  11. I have actually just moved here to Kenya from Minnesota. I actually have never even been here before even though I am Kenyan. I defiantly understand what your saying tho!! its hard to change your mindset to acclimate to the culture your currently in because I find myself ordering things to my siblings place that I need that I don't think I can find here. lol!

  12. Uprooting your life to live in a new place DEFINITELY takes some adjusting. I moved to the US from Ghana when I was 20 and I think back then, my mental constructs were definitely different and I don't know if I would be able to make such a massive move now that I am two years removed from 40. It's one thing to move as a young person and another thing to move when you've sort of settled and know what to expect as a much older person. Change is hard! Haha. Glad to hear your story of adjustment.

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