January 16, 2022

40 thoughts on “REGRET MOVING FROM NIGERIA TO FRANCE?? /life in Paris

  1. Thank you for this video.
    Use the Pimsleur app to help with your French-speaking and the Duolingo app for your French writing.
    I've been using it for a while now.
    Pimsleur has a free lesson you can try to see if it something that you like.
    You can also check out Ikenna on YouTube – he is a polyglot who documented his French learning process from zero to conversational fluency.

    I am currently in Level 1 and lesson 13 on Pimsleur. Je comprends et parle un peu le francais. Learning with Pimsleur feels natural. They teach language the same way you learnt to speak as a child. Try it.

  2. Je suis aussi apprendre français, mais je viens de Nigeria actuellement.
    Hope to visit there soon.

    I'll love if you speak a little French on your channel as practice makes perfect, you'll definitely get there eventually👌🏾. Did you ever try language learning class?
    I'm trying to immerse myself in the language even though I'm still in Nigeria and I totally relate to the funny way the French 'R' sounds 😂😂 even eau (water) and all their words that needs pronunciation with your throat too😅.
    Good luck!

  3. The title of your video states, "I regret moving to France" yet, you mentioned in your video that you don't regret moving to France… It needs reconciliation.

    Overall, your insights are very helpful. Cheers

  4. Good luck my sister . The most important is the determination you are showing so far to learn French. Don't even mind about the R pronunciation or whatever it can be .
    Je parle français moi aussi

  5. I live in paris , and speak french so Well, that some nigérians dont believe am a Nigerian éven, some french people do ask me , do u people speak french in Nigeria? I Said no ! Woauh . My intégration in thé french life and système is 100% .

  6. Hi .sister .the council that I can give to nigerians who want travel for Paris must pass in Cameroon learn French .here it is easy to learn French language because here we have the Anglo Saxon school and French it so easy

  7. You’re not alone sis have been in France for 10 years and I still can’t speak French that well, French is actually very difficult, am also very slow at learning languages, I get lost each time I go to Paris the place is too crowded, I do tell people I can’t live in Paris, either ways, France is a good place to leave, thanks for sharing your experience.

  8. We all learn differently, true no place is perfect, I remember the first time I saw a dirty place in the state I was like oh wow, yes oooo we are having the same issue here we normally travel 4 hrs before getting African food and it’s because of where we are presently, bi lingual is a great thing too, looking forward to to our France as change you,❤️

  9. My dear sis it's not easy, i live in Germany and learning there language was a big challenge. But once you have a mind set on it then you are cool to go most importantly * People around you determine how fast you learn* if you have 70% of Nigerians around you as friend it will be a bit difficult…

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