September 22, 2023

Watch in HD 4K! Hey family! In this video we are providing you with step by step guidelines on how to successfully transition back …



  1. I always think its important to attach to African family and Community in the Diaspora, learn the sounds or familiar African words use commonly by that African family or group you find yourself. Attend cultural and community events with that family or community you find yourself.
    I have African American friends that I have made witness the naming ceremony of a baby, the asking of a hand in marriage. African burial celebration after 40days of burial. Get introduced to different African Foods. If you dont have these relationships .Check African restaurants. Check African supermarkets, get the clothes go online and check on African events of festival happening in your area. Emased yourself in the orientation of the culture and its people. Make a trip to a country of your choice in Sub saharan Africa through that family or community you feel most comfortable. My two top African countries. Is Ghana for West Africa and Kenya for East Africa
    It's best to know someone on the ground in the country of choice if you can, so as to help you better navigate your experience in that country of choice.
    The truth the Jobson's have said, is Africans are extremly welcoming, loving Community people by nature. We are just communal from cradle to grave.

  2. Great Series Excellent Information.
    I pray a lot of Africans crossover during this much anticipated Exodus. I am also going to be a Retunee in 24months. We will be off help which ever way possible. A lot of us who came, have made the decision to return. The Ancestors are with us.

  3. good day jobsons and all of my other beautiful black ppl, whether yall want to believe this or not GOD, THE MOST HIGH is gonna stand up and release, deliver and bless black people through the world. our fathers did NOT give up our land they were kidnapped, murdered and enslaved, now their children has come back to claim whats rightfully ours no black person should have to buy land in africa and we should have automic citizenship any where in africa…land rights and citizenship rights and the old slavery and colony laws MUST be abolish RIGHT NOW….GOD bless and keep ALL black people, and may THE LORD cause his face to shine on black people for ever and ever in YESHUA/JESUS name ameen

  4. I'm happy you have an Amazon store. I'll be shopping!!! I don't have a lot of money, maybe enough to survive 2 years but I have a solid business plan, so I try not to fret too much lol!!! I'm mad excited for you guys πŸ™πŸΏ

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