September 20, 2021

5 thoughts on “Repatriation Back To Africa: The Real Facts

  1. Place being here or there is just as arbitrary as time being now or then..
    It's all bullshit, you're either a human or not.

    this must be the place.

    As if they had something to do with them being born black before they were born black..

    Everyone needs an external thing/mechinism to place blame on for their own inadequacies….
    "If it wasn't for government id be free"… "if only a then b."..etc

  2. ⚘Thank you for this great interview. ⚘
    In 2021, I am planning on visiting several different African countries.
    I am planning to visit Gambia, Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, Congo, Senegal, Ghana and etc.

    Also, I have been viewing this America couple Vblog channel who moved to Gambia. ( Black America of Gambia). They discussed the positives and the negatives of their journey in Africans.

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