September 28, 2023
Repatriation Back To Africa: The Real Facts

Many Blacks are moving to Africa and need to know the facts. Interview with an American brother who moved to Africa sharing …


5 thoughts on “Repatriation Back To Africa: The Real Facts

  1. ⚘Thank you for this great interview. ⚘
    In 2021, I am planning on visiting several different African countries.
    I am planning to visit Gambia, Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, Congo, Senegal, Ghana and etc.

    Also, I have been viewing this America couple Vblog channel who moved to Gambia. ( Black America of Gambia). They discussed the positives and the negatives of their journey in Africans.

  2. Place being here or there is just as arbitrary as time being now or then..
    It's all bullshit, you're either a human or not.

    this must be the place.

    As if they had something to do with them being born black before they were born black..

    Everyone needs an external thing/mechinism to place blame on for their own inadequacies….
    "If it wasn't for government id be free"… "if only a then b."..etc

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