September 16, 2021

29 thoughts on “Repatriation Dinner Party

  1. MARCUS GARVEY will be smiling down upon all of you…lets continue to unite with our people in the motherland and bulid a self-empowering future for all.. A truly human civilization Honors the individual and all their reasons for existing… Remember African people the blood in our bodies isn't ours but that of our ancestors..

  2. I Propose a solution to bridging the gap Between the Diaspora and The Sisters and Brothers on the Continent and also creating opportunities of income. I Believe we should Start a international investment fund ran by “the people” but governed by a board of Trustees or black people we can trust.
    I believe Starting in Either Ghana or The Gambia would be best ultimately spreading to other countries on the Continent. I believe the people below with their platform, Skills, and ideas could be ideal for the board and could take this to the next level.

    1.Create a Financial Institution (backed by cryptocurrency which is backed by gold or other natural resources )where we could invest in the locals of African Descent and their businesses in terms creating a growing economy

    2.Crude oil plants which is in virtually everything( and the continent biggest import)-

    3. Large Commercial/Aquaponics Farming
    and fishing exporting through
    out the continent

    5.Commercial Manufacturing of furniture and other household goods

    6.Machinery manufacturers ( Agricultural, Automotive, and electronics )

    lumber manufacturers,
    lumber services,

    8.Investing in Education institutions that primarily focuses on Technology,Sciences, Artificial Intelligence ,Math, and African ideology( philosophers, Accomplishments, Countries independence, and Struggles from the continent and through out the diaspora)

    9.Construction of Large Affordable commercial and Residential Housing communities

    So can we accomplish this ?
    I would say yes!
    Black population Around the 🌍
    U.S =42,640,000 if 1 %could sacrifice 500$ to invest in our futures that 210M

    EUROPE=6,600,000 if 1 %could sacrifice the equivalent of 500USD to invest in our futures that 33M

    That’s 243M in spending power(not counting many countries on the continent and South America)
    All Spending will be Tracked to ensure there is no corruption and Business Decisions will be determined by “the people”

    Each increment of 250$ would act as a share. ultimately getting paid a percentage off profits. Ultimately the goal is to force the chinese and other people that’s (not of African descent) out of business!

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