September 18, 2021

23 thoughts on “Repatriation from Amerikkka to Africa is our Best Option – Get Out

  1. Knowing that whoever I interact with, in whatever capacity, that racism is taken out the equation, that's a big drawcard for me in contemplating 'returning' to Africa. I'm thinking about it, but I need to go prepared.

  2. i am a black man married to a mexican woman it is was our love for our motherland that attraced us. we have been to Africa and mexico. we only encourage pride for culure and if you look at mexico history you will find it is african as well. i agree with you about the white woman but mexicans are african bro. its basically like the domincans saying they are not from africa. if you dont belive me ask a cop im sure they will treat accordingly.

  3. No one ever talks about whites having a superiority complex they are basically to from birth that the whole world is their domain and all other people are to bow down to them. The most entitled person on the planet is the white male. It will take Divine intervention to set things right.

  4. No other video I've seen in the past year has made me as happy as this one. Yes, it's time for all like minded people to pack up and head back to Africa.

    If you feel you are being oppressed by people then go to where those people aren't. You will have a chance to show the world what kind of country you can build on your own.
    But if you fail, there will be no one else to blame anymore. Bon voyage! Don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya!

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