September 18, 2023
Repatriation is a MUST!

This show is for those who may not quite know what all the talk is about. We will explain a few things that are important to .

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29 thoughts on “Repatriation is a MUST!

  1. Hello Sister. Can you give more information as to how repatriation works…what are the steps? How do we connect with others that are on the same journey? Is there a website, fbpage? What to expect once arriving? What community to stay in? Is there work in particular places? What part of the country should we do research in where others have been successful? Any further information would be great! God's Blessings to you!

  2. Thank you for sharing this video. My husband and I as well as our 3 little ones are looking to repatriate to the homeland. Any and all info will be greatly appreciated. I have made sure to subscribe as well.

  3. This is awesome. I just subscribed to your channel. Me and my GF want to move to Ghana and start several businesses. I love that you are showing your journey.

  4. brilliant video, love the music playing in the background, I'll be checking out your videos. I will be travelling back home very soon, Cameroon is my ancestral home.

  5. sister I just share a tears when you mentioned Muhammed Qaddafi. he love the continent so much and did a lot for the continent also most people don't know Qaddafi wasn't an Arab was a Tuareg or buzoo tribe and their natives of continent just a like black peoples are. they are all over west Africa and lybia and in Ghana you will often see them by the side of road begging, their look alot like arabs.

  6. peace Queen BLESS up!!
    You have shined a mega light on this sis it's indeed on point an game tight true facts indeed when I come back to ghana we gonna link . you've been doing a great job educationing our world
    wisely" & world widely "
    I appercatie you an your time
    peace Queen till we meet.

  7. welcome but being real. I think you're proof as to one reason why I've never been married. these females not thinking about unity or returning home to Africa and I am. ive been told im to black. I'm looking forward to coming visit Ghana. there was a Hebrew conference there this year but was told it was cancelled. hopefully they'll regroup next year. maybe you and some of the other Diasporians can help me in considering relocating. maybe ill find my queen there

  8. my partner and I own a construction business in the states. who is the best contacts to get a conversation started about construction in Ghana. we are down to leave. thank you

  9. Thx for the info my sister, I’ve already bought a plain ticket to visit in March for a month. Im looking to purchase some land in Ghana so that the repatriation journey can start.

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