December 1, 2021

31 thoughts on “Repatriation Link with Rastaman at Shashemene Land Ethiopia May 2017

  1. I feel your pain Rasta! I have been trying to settle back in Ethiopia. People are ungrateful. I have done so many things for my family and friends. All they want is for me to go back and bring more money. They don't respect their God, they don't respect their country and they don't respect us for doing good.
    I am talking about the northern part of the country. And the capital it self. Which country does charge for foreigners for departure? It is insane and they way they run tourism is so bad, visitors are rarely seen. Absolute suicide.

  2. Repatriation seems to be a catch word to some reggae entertainers. Something they would talk, and sing about put will never achieve. Babylon money, and material wealth seems to change a lot of their minds of not coming at all. Now, I can be wrong. But. On the surface, It looks that way..

  3. "What is the present status of the return of the 1948 Land Grant, that was taken during the 1974 Ethiopian Revolution?" "Has that land been returned to Black people in the Diaspora, by the present Ethiopian Government?"

  4. Highly intelligent brother. Very wise and committed. I feel your speech. I was in Ethiopia earlier this year. I should be back before year end. Would like to hav a reasoning with you.

  5. what to do? revolution always ends up hurting the wrong people… ie weak and poor and unarmed
    the new system rarely lives up to our hopes
    can things be changed from with in…maybe—-but it seems sso little and so slow.

    The young will follow their own dreams and aspirations…you sound like you could inspire some

    i sense such intelligence and love/heart with in you… to the point where you know ouch we are caught in a trap…. now how to get out?
    It may be impossible… but with your spirit you have a chance

    love to you
    and yours

  6. seems clear we need to work together… certainly not other countries or other corporations are looking out for our good
    Difficult but if only building a rasta is in and everyone else is out therefor let us rastas only work together
    in and out groups feel natural and right… but they have their problems Us and them or US VS Them

    anyway i am a know nothing non rasta from australia
    we have similar problems….. a very rich country where all the money does n't come to the people…our young people eg my 30 year old daughter can never afford a house of her own

    This system is broken too…… i wish you well

    and remember (Never trust whitey…. or anyone else) from a whitey at 63 years

    love to you

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