September 21, 2021

29 thoughts on “Repatriation/ Prepare, when moving to Africa/Gambia

  1. Hello, I’ll will be leaving Arusha on Friday back to US (family emergency). If you know of anyone looking for a place to rent in Arusha? Please have them call me +255 783 270 416 No agent fees

  2. Be careful of copyright YouTube rules, the music is good tho, hoping they don't penalise, not sure tho, maybe some one who knows can comment 🙏🏿…..great advice 👍🏿

  3. You're correct sis. You should consider everything when traveling to Africa. Plus there's two different prices. One for the locals and one for others. I always stay in a nice local apartment. You also keep in mind that your paying for 2 bouseholds. One in Africa and the other in your country. It can be very costly.

  4. peace Princess. I must admit, you gave more details about Afrika than most other content providers. thank you for that. animals at the beach? I smell different? good to know. asante sana

  5. Great video! May I add to pack/ ship what you need to feel comfortable. If you drink a certain kind of milk, tea, etc then bring it. If you wear contacts then load up on them and bring plenty of contact cleaner. Hydrocortisone, anti fungal ointments, band aids, peroxide, alcohol, bandages and bacitracin aka Neosporin are things to bring in your first aid kit. Pillows, sheets, wash clothes and thick towels if you prefer. Mosquitoes and malaria are a big problem so bring spray, Lemongrass, citronella, lemon tea tree, peppermint, lavender and neem( which is cheap in Senegambia) oils are great for this. The others you will want to stock up on and bring. Citronella candles! If you use a certain kind of sweetener or cooking oil other than peanut and vegetable then bring it. Bring seeds to plant if you enjoy a variety of vegetables such as broccoli, kale, asparagus, Brussels sprouts, collards, etc. You will rarely find these fresh and if you do they are generally expensive and tasteless. If you like a certain fluffy or 2 ply kind of toilet paper then bring it. If you prefer certain grains like quinoa, brown rice, etc then bring that too. Bring rain boots, jackets and umbrellas for the rainy season. Download Peace Corp Wolof, Manding, Diola/ Jola, Pulaar or whatever other language that’s prevalent where you will be living.

  6. Thanks Treasure for all your vital information. Yes we come so excited to come home, thinking we will deal with anything, but your right we must PREPARE!!! .

  7. You’ve said it all girl love it 😍😍😍 I will advice people to in vest in solar instead of generator cos it could be costly. Many new homes now have water heater or you can installed it.

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